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Testing For Aspartame Poisoning:

Q: How do I know if I'm intoxicated with aspartame? Where should I go and get tested? What blood work must I get? Do you offer that test?

A: Sadly, the AMA discourages doctors to learn about the truth behind the diet sweeteners for multiple reasons - money, mostly. People spend billions of dollars on the drugs to counter the side effects from these sweeteners. Think of all the ED, migraine, insulin, antidepressants, Prozac, etc. sold as a result of over-consumption of this toxin. That said, you will have a hard time finding a progressive doctor willing to do this for you, or one that even understands this issue, or one to agree with you. Plus, no lab is set up for this and your insurance won't pay it, I'm sure.

Unless you sneak in the backdoor, that is, and ask for a blood test for formaldehyde - say you are concerned that you have been exposed to toxic levels. That might work, and a liver enzyme test will show your enzymes are high - they are typically high when using aspartame. The methanol is toxic to the liver just like rot-gut-booze.

The best, cheapest, and easiest way out of this is to stop using aspartame and all food chemicals, detox your body (especially your liver) and restore the nutrients a chemical diet depletes, and see if any health symptoms "mysteriously" disappear. More than likely they will, and your doc will glaze over without a clue. Sad - but so true. Plus, you'll save a ton of money dumping the sweet poison and stopping the trips to the doc! Sweet Justice - just get well and to heck with the rest of them!

The best in health.

Metal Toxicity or Just Aspartame? :

Q: Is it possible to be intoxicated with both high levels of mercury (due to amalgams etc.) and aspartame intoxication?

A: Yes, and we see this all the time. There is more than one evil out there looming in your pantry. But, aspartame is toxic and causes cancer - no doubt. And mercury is toxic and causes all kinds of health concerns on its own. Put them together in your life, and you can have double-trouble. So, many things abound that can stress your body, and much detoxing may need to take place.

This is life in America - we are polluted from the environment, medications, and our foods.

Sugar Alcohols versus Stevia:

Q: I'm looking for a fairly healthy sweetener to bake with. When the doctor checked my blood sugar recently it was 107, a few years ago it was 77, but I've gained weight, and that probably hasn't helped. You seem to recommend Stevia over xylitol, but I came across another sweetener that I haven't seen you mention on your site, Sun Crystals brand of erythritol. What is your opinion of this sweetener?

A: Yes, I recommend the natural foods/herbs that are naturally sweet and not processed in the lab over sweeteners that have come from the lab, in some form. It's like eating food that's naturally sweet. Just as you would add basil or oregano to a dish, Stevia, in its natural form, is like adding a sweet herb to food or drink.
The sugar alcohols, like erythritol, do come from fruits, but they have been altered in the lab and added to foods in an unnatural manner. They are less toxic than sweeteners made exclusively from lab chemicals like aspartame or sucralose, but the fruit sugars taken out of the fruit are dried and processed in the lab and then added back to foods that don't naturally contain them. The body can develop IBS and other digestion symptoms as it tries to digest them.

I write in great detail about the alternative sweeteners and the sugar alcohols in my book, Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? I think this book will be of interest to you because you are asking some very good questions.

The best in health.

Aspartame Withdrawal? :

Q: I changed my diet totally last week not ingesting any aspartame or artificial sweeteners. From day one, my symptoms of joint pain, depression, weight gain, anxiety etc...began to improve dramatically!!! However, I'm at week 2 and think I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms: headaches, insomnia, poor sex drive, appetite changes, sadness, scared, anxiety. Do withdrawal symptoms exist? If so, what are the most common ones? Thank you.

A: You are on the right path, and yes, where the toxins have collected is typically where you will feel and experience increased health symptoms - headaches as toxins leave your brain; skin irritation as toxins come out from under your skin and out of fatty tissues; in the colon where toxins have gotten stuck as they try to excrete through fecal waste.

Also, aspartame is addictive just like alcohol; so many people go through withdrawal similar to any addiction.

This is one reason I highly recommend the hair analysis - so you KNOW what's going on inside your body as opposed to guessing; what damage may have been done; how to restore any damage, such as a lower libido; what nutrients are depleted due to a chemical diet; what nutrients you need an extra boost from - typically low lithium and low germanium levels. Then you need to replace the essential nutrients a chemical diet and sugar-free diet has taken away from your body.

Initially, you will feel your body withdrawing from the food chemical habit, and over a typically short period of time, you can return to normal health; normal sleep patterns, energy levels, libido, vision and clarity, physical balance, and emotional stability - you get where I am going with this....

All the best I health,

Janet Hull

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