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Are There Any Safe Natural Sweeteners Out There?

Q: Are there any safe natural sweeteners out there that I can use for my tea and coffee without having to worry about it? What about agave? Thanks if you can help me.

A: Yes there are some good natural sweetener choices out there. Pure, unprocessed agave is fine in my opinion. Watch out for any sweeteners that have been touched by manufacturers, though - these are the ones that cause weight gain, headaches, IBS, health problems, etc. Use only raw unprocessed sweeteners, as all other animals eat. This is a good rule of thumb. Bottom-line, try to NOT add any additional sweetness to foods. Learn to enjoy the natural flavor of the whole foods you eat.

I have written about the safe sweetener alternatives in my book, Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? if you want to research this farther. It will answer many of your questions about what are good choices for sweetness.

Sweeteners Are In Everything My Children Eat or Drink!

Q: Hi, they are putting this stuff in everything. Sugar free gum is the big thing I am concerned about. How much of this junk is being consumed by kids?

A: Whoa - GREAT question! Marketing these chemical sweeteners to children is the biggest injustice, in my opinion. And kids are their targets for sure! In the USA, they will be removing regular, sugared soft drinks from the public schools, but leaving the diet colas and artificially flavored waters in the school vending machines. Aspartame is in children's medications, (can you believe THAT?), and is saturating most kids' food products, particularly condiments.

Adults can tell if they react negatively to aspartame through their headaches, ringing in the ears, memory loss, nausea, sleeplessness, etc. But a child cannot explain to an adult (or even understand for themselves) what awful feelings happen to them after chewing diet gum or sipping on a diet cola. Instead, they suffer behavior problems, lack of attention, irritability, sleep deprivation, etc., and then they get punished for their bad behavior resulting from feeling so sick. And then... they get put on drugs to adjust their unacceptable behaviors, which are merely reactions to the toxins in their diet products. This very sticky web is trapping innocent children - sad, so very sad.

Spread the word to parents and help all the people you know learn the truth about aspartame dangers. This is all we can do at the moment. At least in Europe, they have banned aspartame from the grocery stores, and Europeans appear to care - really care - about the health of their children above profit.

Shame On Them!

Q: Saccharin has been labeled as a carcinogen, society has labeled so many kids with ADD, etc; maybe now it is time to recognize this is the fault of our diets. We as parents are concerned with sugar intake, so we are lulled by doctors and dentists into depending on sugar free products as a solution. Shame on them!

How can this substance be taken off the market?

A: The best defense consumers have to stand up to powerful injustice is through expensive lawsuits, but the cheapest and easiest route to go is simply to NOT buy these products! Profit is all these "typical" corporations care about. For now, spread the word and save every child you can through information and truth about chemical sweetener dangers.

How Much Is Too Much?

Q: I was wondering how much aspartame you have to ingest to get aspartame poisoning?

A: Any amount. Aspartame is a toxin any way you slice it. Everyone is different, so reactions are different for every individual, but after years of consumption, aspartame can accumulate in your body and morph into many different nasty disease syndromes. Children and pregnant women are very susceptible to bad health reactions, as are the sick and elderly. It's just a good idea to avoid anything that can harm your body - in any amount.

The best in health.

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