Over-Prescribed Antibiotics

The intent of this article is not to suggest that antibiotics should not be used. But, many health authorities now admit that antibiotics have been over prescribed, creating problems that may be worse than the original condition. One major downfall of prescribed antibiotics is neglect in prescribing the use of probiotics to prevent the destruction of normal bowel flora, such as supplementing with acidophilus after or during antibiotic use.

Like pesticides, antibiotics destroy the good guys along with the bad guys, and wide-spectrum antibiotics are notorious for this. Note: wide-spectrum antibiotics do not target specific microorganisms, but are created to sweep and strike a wide spectrum of activity attacking human health.

The human intestine has a delicate ecology in which certain bacteria help digest food, produce certain vitamins, and maintain a balance of organisms that prevent harmful bacteria and yeast from multiplying. The wide-spectrum antibiotics disturb the normal ecology of the intestine. This can cause parasitic infection, vitamin deficiencies and loss of minerals, diarrhea, inflammation of the gut, malabsorption, and food allergies due to imbalances in intestinal function.

Antibiotics were originally derived from bacterial sources used to treat bacterial infections. However, nowadays, doctors prescribe antibiotics at an incredible rate, and the price of antibiotics has risen to become unaffordable for many. Many physicians continue to prescribe antibiotics for viral conditions such as colds and flu to prevent secondary bacterial infection. But considering the ultimate dangers of using antibiotics, it is better not to take antibiotics for colds and flu, in most cases, as antibiotics can worsen the situation and prolong recovery. A safer alternative for avoiding and treating infections may be available and should be implemented either alongside antibiotic use or before the decision to use an antibiotic is made.

Remember that antibiotics can have adverse health effects. They can interact with other medications and with food chemicals, such as aspartame or sucralose (Splenda®). Allergic reactions to antibiotics are common, and most antibiotics contain chemical colors, sugar or sugar-free chemicals, and other chemical additives that can trigger a health reaction.

Antibiotics do not aid the immune system as much as they replace some of its function, inhibit certain enzymatic processes of bacteria, and alter essential mineral balances. Normal cells are also affected by antibiotic use, another reason antibiotics weaken the immune system. Other toxic effects of antibiotics, such as their effects on normal bowel flora, may also contribute to a weaker immune system.

Normally, Candida albicans, common yeast, lives peacefully and in harmony with other flora in your intestines and elsewhere in the body, and this keeps the yeast in check. Taking an antibiotic changes all this by suppressing the normal flora, which stimulates Candida growth. If this happens, Candida can take over, and more problems result. Initially, diarrhea begins, IBS symptoms appear, and a yeast infection typically occurs. One of the prime risk factors for chronic Candida is repeated antibiotic use.

A more balanced approach to avoid the use of antibiotics is to enhance and keep your immune system strong. If an infection occurs, activate natural alternative measures immediately. Most often, the natural methods work very well. Reserve the antibiotics for when they are appropriate, which is usually as a last resort.

Some natural antibiotics include:

  1. Carob powder
  2. Colloidal silver
  3. Grapefruit seed extract
  4. Honey
  5. Molkosan, derived from concentrated whey
  6. Olive leaf extract (calcium elenolate)
  7. St. John's Wort (hypericum)
  8. Tea tree oil

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