No-Aspartame On Your Hospital Chart

My sweet little, elderly mother is in the hospital with pneumonia. Because of my awareness concerning the health dangers of aspartame, I know to put on her medical charts that she is "allergic" to aspartame. This is the ONLY way the hospital will not give her sugar-free products, such as sugar-free Jello® and puddings; common on the hospital meal tray. Traditional hospital dietitians are clueless about the dangers of diet sweeteners, and they typically glaze over with disinterest when you mention taking aspartame off someone's daily meal plan.

If you request allergic to aspartame and diet sweeteners be put on your medical chart, you can rest assured you will not be given as many foods with these toxins in them while in the hospital. Some diet yogurts and ice creams typically slip past the kitchen and into your room because many medical advisers and dietitians just aren't aware of the copious number of foods the diet sweeteners are found in. I return many of mom's sugar-free yogurt cups with aspartame back to the kitchen with a note that the staff needs to learn which products have aspartame and sucralose in them. Read your labels! There are over 10,000 products with aspartame, sucralose or the sweetener blends, but still, that's no excuse to overlook this while in the hospital.

Don't you think the medical community, of all people, should be on top of the many, possible aspartame dangers and the harmful effects it can have on human health, especially the health of the elderly or a sick child? One day, the truth about aspartame dangers will be common knowledge, and the fact that many government agencies and medical practitioners have, indeed, been aware of these facts for decades now, will also come into the public eye. Aspartame dangers are a very volatile issue, and a legal "hornet's nest" that will create much chaos in the future.

Ask your primary doctor, your child's pediatrician, your OB/GYN, or your hospital staff to be open-minded about the dangers of aspartame. Traditional doctors and dietitians need to do more personal research into the dangers of artificial sweeteners if advising you that aspartame is safe. If they don't at least try to understand your concerns, then hold them responsible for any adverse reactions you may have.

I have a great story to share: one of my dearest friends is an insulin dependent diabetic. She went to the hospital for shoulder surgery, and was hospitalized for two nights. She told the nurse bringing her meals that she did not use sugar-free products, and could she bring regular pudding, yogurt or jello with sugar as opposed to the sugar-free forms. The nurse checked with the kitchen, and came back to report that the hospital dietitian (RD) was refusing to give her regular foods because she was diabetic. My friend told the nurse that she never uses any sugar-free chemicals, and requested the hospital simply not give her anything with aspartame or sucralose. The nurse joked that meant she could eat nothing, then. The next day, my friend requested early release, stating that to remain in the hospital might kill her!

Hummm, food for thought!

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