Q & A with Dr. Hull

To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Upsetting the medical paradigm

Q: I resent the idea that you present your diet as a medical cure for cancer. I have spoken to many of my patients that want to try your diet while undergoing therapy... or not undergo therapy to try your diet. You have used false advertising to make a buck off of sick people who are desperate for a cure. You are NOT a doctor and I wish you wouldn't treat yourself like a practitioner.

A: Thank you for your email, but I have in no way represented Dr. Richardson's Cancer Diet as a "cure" for cancer, and your interpretation is totally inaccurate. Having been misdiagnosed by an Internist at Baylor who knew nothing about alternatives, I do not respect any "practitioner" who is closed minded to helping their patients get well - that includes exploring anything that could possibly improve their health and enhance disease recovery.

Good luck with your approach to wellness - even though it's quite insensitive.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Healthy pH

Q: I am interested in ordering your pH Test Kit, but I was wondering if Arimidex, my breast cancer medication might affect the outcome of the test. Does medication cause an increase/decrease in pH balance?

A: Excellent question. If the medication has chemical fillers and toxic by-products the body is not going to utilize, then the by-products can become toxins themselves. Usually, this lowers the pH to be more acidic, which proliferates disease. A vicious circle, if you ask me. So, if this indeed is a reality for you, then your pH will be too acidic. Again, this promotes disease. So, I would test your pH regularly while on this medication, make sure to eat the right foods and use supplements (such as lime water) that can keep you more alkaline to aid recovery.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: I must stay well

Q. I stumbled upon your web site when looking up pH values as I have trouble keeping balance in my body; yeast/mold, digestive problems, muscle weakness. Nothing works. What makes your Detox program different and will it really help me? I have tried numerous products, remedies etc.

Hoping you will respond back as I am 45 yrs old and a caregiver to my disabled husband, so I must be well. Thanks.

A: My goodness. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate, so you must stay healthy.

My Detoxification Program and pH philosophy work well for most people because of my knowledge in geology and the environment. I use the natural elements with a different outlook from most nutritionists and doctors. What works in nature surely works in man.

We have, generally speaking, wandered from that simplicity and understanding of what causes disease and health problems. When it comes to body imbalances, no one seems to really find out WHY. The nutrients (supplements) I used in geology to restore a toxic environment, also work well in humans. It is a safe, inexpensive way to change your lifestyle and to re-balance your body. Foods which help regulate body pH and help identify and remove toxins (such as arsenic, mercury, cadmium, etc.) are listed in my books and in my Detox Program. My Detox Program is most effective in addressing the root of most health issues because, if these root causes are not properly identified, then long-term health solutions won't work.

All the best.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Dogging soy

Q: So many health sites have articles on the dangers of soy. I like soy products. There are no better "practical" solutions for me if I don't choose soy over hydrogenised milk products - I don't live near a "community" of farmers where I can get organic meats and dairy. I get tired of hearing bad things about soy but with unrealistic, impractical solutions. Don't any of these people dogging soy have kids? What are your thoughts?

A: I recently wrote an article on healthy soy at for people just like you in mind.

It's funny - I have such a different approach to nutrition...having raised 3 sons on my own, and having taught public school many years ago, I know what modern kids will and will not do! To really offer good nutritional advice that is effective, we have to find a way to get kids (and adults, too!) to open their minds to healthy "changes." Coming out and bashing what we "used to think" were good alternatives burns out the younger generation on accepting different solutions in the future. Soy is good - now, it's bad.... Who do you believe? And let's get "real" about impractical solutions - especially if you have kids.

We have to approach nutrition with an open mind and with lots of "do-able" solutions. When we bash alternatives, we must explain why and offer easy alternatives.

Take care.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: More soy confusion

Q: I enjoy your website and newsletter, especially when it comes to the subject of aspartame. Thank you. However, with all due respect, I think you may have entirely missed the boat on the subject of soy. Instead of compressing info about this potentially dangerous "food," I will refer you to a book entitled "The Whole Soy Story," by Kaayla Daniels. It blows the lid off the myths and quack science often surrounding soy driven, of course, by corporate profits. It is incredibly detailed and impeccably documented. Thanks again for your information about the dangers of artificial sweeteners. Best Regards.

A: Thank you for your email. Let me exchange book titles with you and suggest you read a copy of Dr. John Lee's book on progesterone and menopause (get the original edition from 1996 as they have deleted much of his work in the latest editions on the bookshelves). With a degree in International Studies, I have researched the foods in Eastern cultures extensively, and have never seen the negatives for soy until the consumption became way too high in the USA and the manufacturing of soy became adulterated with improper fermentation. Original soy is a phytoestrogen and it is safe when prepared and eaten properly. The GMO soy from the USA is xenoestrogenated, which is a food demon, for sure. Both Europe and the Orient have turned back US ships exporting our GMO soy, yet have little problems with their original consumption of soybeans.

Hope this clears this up a bit. I feel people are misinformed about REAL soy, as well as its position as a staple in other countries for longer than the USA has existed.

All the best.


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