Q and A with Dr. Hull

To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: lymphoma

Q: A member of my family was recently diagnosed w/ lymphoma. For all intents and purposes, this person led a healthy lifestyle- a nonsmoker, ate a balanced diet - the works. The only thing that stood out in my mind as suspect was the fact that the person used the artificial sweetener Equal on a daily basis, and had for years. I read up on the list of aspartame-related illnesses throughout your site (some ailments being more prevalent than others) but I'm still curious-- could the constant use of aspartame actually account for a case of lymphoma?

A: Not directly, as much as I love to blame aspartame for so many things!!! Now, aspartame has contributed to lowering of the immune system as well as adding toxins to the bloodstream, but more than likely, your relative has been exposed to a heavy metal or fungus or bacteria that has saturated the bloodstream and clogged the lymph glands, liken to dirty oil in the car that clogs the filters if not changed.

I would suggest cleansing the blood through an aggressive detox program, stopping ALL chemicals in the diet so not to keep pollutants going in, and making sure he is sweating and eliminating (bowels) well.

Good luck to you both. Let me know if I can be of future help. The detox eBook may be of some help to you, and tell him no more Equal!


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Tagatose

Q: My daughter is a Type I diabetic, so I was very interested to read about tagatose. The low glycemic index is encouraging and it looks like it could be useful as long as not used in high amounts. Have you heard of any other negatives? I do understand that it has a very strong malliard reaction that limits its use in baking.

A: You are correct on all counts. I would use the sugar alcohols only as a temporary alternative. Tagatose is fine in small amounts, but investigate Stevia as the #1 choice. It is bitter if too much is used, and Americans are used to pouring on a number of packets of sweeteners. You only need 1/4 of a pack of Stevia. You are the wise one to 'save her health' by controlling the types of alternative sweeteners she uses, and raw, natural sugars seem to keep blood sugar more stable than the artificial sugars. Saccharin is milder for diabetes, too. Keep her away from sucralose found in Splenda, as the chlorine in sucralose will stress her kidneys. Keep up the good work - you are right on track.

All the best to you both.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Sugar addiction

Q: Your name immediately came to mind to provide "insight" to help a person with "sugar addiction" problem along with other bodily ailments. I told a woman about you . . . your profession . . . and Sweet Poison book when I "sensed" she might be having trouble with a sugar addiction problem.

In brief conversation she said a doctor just recently diagnosed her with "Bi-Polar" and then also confessed she was "addicted" to sugar. That's when a red "flag" went up!

I will give your e-mail address to her should she decide to write you regarding your book . . . plus maybe want to elaborate on her problem. She said her medical doctor just put her on some "bi-polar" medicine.

A: I think you have done her a great service. This is what it's all about - teaching others what we have all already learned. Does she use a lot of artificial sweeteners? Have her research hypoglycemia and this will teach her a lot about why this is happening to her.

Encourage her to educate herself, and she will find the answers she needs to prevent this from getting worse.

Keep me informed on her progress. I hope she reads Sweet Poison - it will inspire her!!

All the best.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Ringing in my ears

Q: I have been drinking Diet Pepsi for about 20 years. Over the years the quantities increased to about 10 (sometimes more) 20 oz. bottles a day. On 2-27-03 at 9:00 pm my ears started ringing. This got worse and by 7-7-04 it had finally gotten a little better. It has been a hell that I hope nobody has to go through. I have been taking a product from Dr. Bob Martin called "Ring Stop". I think it has helped me but want to know what I should do. I can finally sleep without medication. I need some background noise to doze off. PLEASE help me to get the precise information about what I am to do in my case. If I had it I would pay any amount of money to get rid of this if that's what it would take. Thank you so much for any help you can give.

A: It is hard to say if physical damage has been done, which may not be fully restorable, but if you replace the depleted nutrients from a past chemical diet of aspartame, then you should be able to regain the majority of your ear function and stop the ringing, let's hope. Tinnitus is a common aspartame reaction, and I know it can drive you mad.

I would avoid all food chemicals, drink plenty of water, exercise, and get on a vitamin program. This will surely help you.

Wishing you all the best and let me know if I can be of future assistance in your journey back to health.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: MS

Q: I suffer from MS and have 8 "mercury" fillings. I am reading your detox book and have had a hair analysis done. My second consult appointment with the dentist that is removing my fillings is not until September 17. My hair analysis shows a low mercury level, so my question is: Having MS, is it possible that Mercury is more likely to show in urine and blood tests and may not be leaving my body via my hair?

Please let me know your take on this...thanks.

A: No, if mercury is within your body tissues, it will show in the hair. It is possible that your toxins are from another source and/or a food chemical or electromagnetic frequencies within your environment. Do you live near any power stations or nuclear facilities? Search for other chemical exposures, and let me
know what other toxins were present in your hair analysis. The mercury can be deposited within the nerve endings and that can cause MS symptoms. What were the mercury levels? What chemicals are in your diet? There are many more avenues to explore as a cause of the MS. It is important to research every
option and leave no stone unturned.

Let me know more info....

Wishing you well,

Janet Hull


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