Cancer Causing Foods

Are you eating an assortment of laboratory chemicals every day? Chemicals are abundant in the average American diet these days. Chemical food additives were first created with the purpose of keeping food safe and bacteria free, but today, technology has taken chemicals way beyond health and safety. Westernized foods are saturated with a plethora of chemicals. Many foods aren't even real food anymore, simply man-made inventions created to replace nature for - bottomline - profit. And chemicals certainly shouldn't be eaten! There are chemicals to change food color, to enhance flavor, to make foods taste sweeter. Food technology has gotten out of hand, is dangerous to human health, and is unwise for pregnancy and children. The overabundance of manufactured food chemicals can lead to cancer; and at the least, suppress the body's immune system.

So, do foods really make a difference? According to these statistics, they do.....

Colon cancer is at its highest level in the United States today because the American diet has promoted the highest fat, lowest fiber, fried-food and processed diet in the world.

* The lowest colon cancer rates are found in Japan because the Japanese have diets low in processed fat.

* Mormons also have a low colon cancer rate because they eat a natural food diet, especially a diet high in natural fiber.

* Seventh-Day Adventists have a low colon cancer rate, too, because they eat very low to no fatty fried foods and also have high fiber diets.

Stomach cancer:
* Poses the highest risk in Japan and South America because a high degree of salted and pickled foods is consumed in these two countries. They also add nitrates to their soils and water, and have an average low intake of vitamins C and E.

* Is the lowest in the United States because Americans have available year round fresh fruits, salads, and vitamins C and E.

[And beware: Many 'fat substitutes' like Olestra(TM), for example, absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. This is bad news for the body's immune system, cardiovascular system, and digestive system, and particularly the liver. Each of these body systems depend on the above vitamins to keep them healthy. Essential fats should be natural, and the body can expel them easily with a good B-vitamin and some vigorous exercise. The liver and gall bladder cannot assimilate unnatural chemical, processed fats. Human bodies have not yet evolved that ability.]

Breast cancer is:
* The highest in the United States and Western Europe due to the 'Western' high-fat, chemical-fat diet.

* The lowest in Japan as a result of their naturally low fat diet.

Prostate cancer is:
* The highest in the United States and Scandinavia because of high fat contents.

* The lowest in Japan due to low fat consumption.

Esophagus cancer is:
* The highest in France.

* The highest within the lower socioeconomic groups in the United States.

* The highest within Eastern Iran and Central China.

* France and the United States have high risk factors of alcohol and tobacco use.

* Iran and China have very low levels of vitamins C and A available, and the possible use of opium causes esophagus cancer.

So, foods do make a difference. My grandmother used to say, "You don't live to eat; you eat to live." Grandmommy lived to be 102 years old and passed-on in her home of 100+ years.


* Chlorine - In Your Pool and Diet Cola (Splenda)

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