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10-Year Old Aspartame Victim
My son was diagnosed with epilepsy and I think it is really from the aspartame because he is a Type 1 diabetic, and is addicted to diet pop!!! He is only 10 yrs old, and his father and I are at fault for letting him drink up to 6 or 7 cans a day of diet soda, at times. Did we cause this? I feel so guilty.

A: I have so many clients with MS, Parkinson's, diabetes, and epilepsy caused by aspartame, but certainly worsened by aspartame use.

This DVD I am recommending for you to watch is about MS caused by aspartame, but the principals will be the same for your son's diabetes, and the cause and effect is the same. Aspartame dissolves inside of the body and travels to the organs, into the brain, and throughout all body tissues. It can create damage in many different ways depending on the specific weaknesses one has. Your son has been a sitting target for the continuous destruction caused by the chemicals in aspartame. It is not your fault - it is the fault of our government watch-dog agencies and the AMA that have both failed consumers because of profits made on these toxic sweeteners.

Get this DVD (below), and begin researching how to detox your son - clean him up, get him full of healthy food and vitamins ASAP, and you can stop this from getting out of control. DVD: http://thetruthaboutstuff.com/ by Dr. Woodrow Monte, PhD.

I do suggest letting me do a hair analysis on him - there is no time to waste - we can get him on a program to stop further damage and restore the damage that has been done - damage caused by aspartame.

Kids are amazingly resilient, so do not give up hope.

Kept In The Dark
I don't know anything about this stuff, but it is very interesting because I think I have had aspartame poisoning all the time the doctors have been searching and found nothing.

A: Thank you for your email. I am glad that you have now learned the truth about the diet sweetener dangers, and isn't it sad that this truth is being kept from the consumer as if we don't know what we're talking about? I hold hope that one day enough people will believe this truth, and sadly, understand how much it is being manipulated.

For now, all you can do is get your health back by stopping ALL chemical sweeteners, and spread the word to others who are just now becoming aware of this issue. Your doctor is merely one of the millions of humans who has no interest in learning something new, or no control over his own practice, so restore your health without his help, and then you can teach him something new!

One day, enough people will stop buying these artificial sweeteners, and their profits will go down. That's the only thing these corporations understand.

Aspartame and Eye Problems
My right eyes started to blur (like having cataract), when I use aspartame. I have used it for over 20 years, so could this be the cause?

A: You are wise to connect your health symptoms to aspartame use. Aspartame has been proven in many laboratory studies to create eye problems. The methanol is proven to adversely affect the eyes. Sadly, this information is not promoted over the tremendous profits these sweeteners bring the corporations making and selling them.

Know that the research is available to support your concerns, and you can go to my newsletter archives and search for aspartame studies, and download some of the recent research proving aspartame dangers. http://www.janethull.com/newsletter/

Anytime aspartame is used and health symptoms appear, or get worse, always stop using all diet products, return to a healthier diet of real foods, drink plenty of water, and more than likely, you will notice the improvement in your health rather quickly.

The best in health,

- Janet Hull

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