"Turn and Face The Change.... Cha-cha-changes." - David Bowie

There is little doubt that we are witnessing some crazy changes happening all over the world today. Earth changes, climate changes, economic changes, social changes, religious changes...well, almost everything seems to be cha-cha- changin'.

But, this is great news! Change is good, and a necessary part of living on this planet. The changes we are experiencing are normal, and to be expected. Actually, we are overdue for the cha-cha-changes that we are facing today, and if I were you, I'd be worried if we don't make changes.

We are all alive at the most exciting time in human history, and we all will be a part of historic change for the better. To resist change because it's simply "easier" to remain as we are, well, this usually means that we will inevitably face the very issues we are trying to avoid; like the many issues we face today. Instead of stuffing our pockets full of band-aides to temporarily stop the bleeding, lets collectively shift off the same ole' spot, and make real changes - changes we all know must eventually be made.

To remain where we are today means that we face an energy crisis, a water shortage, a war over oil, polluted oceans, nuclear breakdowns, dominant control by money lenders...well the list of self-imposed hardships is depressing.

Let's focus on the changes that bring about healthy food, cheap-alternative energy, the protection of endangered species, clean oceans, quality schools, the fortification of forests and farmland, the construction of green developments, and a respect for the cultures that choose to be different.

Sounds impossible, doesn't it, and a bit like a fairytale. But, this is the change we must distinguish as inevitable to pull humanity out of a very deep rut. We can fight for the last drop of oil or for the last coin in the ATM machine, but by the end of the day, this means NOTHING to the Earth on which our ultimate survival depends, and upon which humanity has no control. It is time to realize that humanity is no longer in synch with our planet, and as hard as we try to avoid making changes, the Earth will one day force us to. Let's begin now so we are better prepared for the changing future.

Ah, think about home schools and small community schools, no more over-priced pharmaceuticals, and no more GMOs. There are protected forests, honeybees, clear blue oceans, inexpensive alternative energy.... It makes you feel good just reading the list, doesn't it?

Let me share a clip from my new book, As The World Turns to open awareness to the real changes ahead - changes we cannot avoid any longer:

In recent years, dramatic discoveries in scientific research have unfolded, primarily due to computer technology. Yet, advances in science are not able to answer most of the questions we have about the Earth and the other planets. Actually, we know very little about our planet's origin, why our magnetic field reverses, when the next earthquake or volcanic eruption will occur, or why we are all here, living in a zillion different shapes and sizes.

Maybe we are looking in the wrong places. Perhaps we need to look for the answers hidden within the Earth itself.

We go about our daily lives giving little thought to the influences of the Sun, to the fact that without gravity, we'd be spinning off into space, or how a Chameleon can change its colors when it is colorblind. Few of us spend time wondering why nature is the way it is, where we all come from, and where we go from here. Most everyone is unaware that the Earth turns on its axis like a spinning toy top, wobbling to and fro at the North Pole until it eventually tips over. We have long forgotten that the magnetic field inside our bodies lines up with the Earth's magnetic field, and when the Earth shifts, we physically shift with it.

For many of us, our focus is engrossed in the stresses of daily life, but our bodies were not created to handle the amount of stress that we endure in the way that we tolerate it. In an ideal world, we are merely along for the ride here; touching, feeling, tasting, and experiencing the natural world that the Earth has so graciously bestowed to all things. In nature, resources are free and unlimited, but over the past few hundred years, mankind has coveted them, and this has interrupted the Earth's ability to restore them.

Today, just being for a human being carries a hefty price tag, and this has led our species far down the wrong road. We have now reached a point on this journey where decisions must be made. Many of us don't even know what those decisions are because we have long forgotten the questions. Families, tribes, social classes, nations, and races have lost sight of the fact that we all share life within this Earthly paradise.

The more complex societies become, the more conditions we place on each other and on nature. In our attempt to manage the chaos that we have created, we create more. Our edicts are unnatural laws of nature; they no longer maintain a healthy relationship with the Earth. We have put giving back to nature on the back burner.

The Earth is changing today and in dramatic ways. Drastically changing weather patterns, increases in powerful earthquakes, the rise in tsunamis and global flooding, astonishing volcanic eruptions, and powerful tornadoes seem to inconvenience us more than stimulate our understanding of unpredictable Earth processes. Many disbelieve when faced with grave and imminent danger or a catastrophe. We must realize that we cannot stop major Earth events, so in order to survive as a species, we must change the way we look at them.

We build towering buildings on top of earthquake zones. We construct double-Decker bridges across miles of splintered oceans. We build cities and airports at the bases of volcanoes, and design housing developments and hospitals on flood plains. Then we blame nature when earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis destroy our possessions. Our focus on money is distorting our awareness that this planet is mightier than the dollar. Nature can change in an instant, and it is, right now, right under our noses, while we keep our eyes focused on profits.

It's never too late to reverse our direction to find our way back to living in harmony with nature - realistically living in harmony with nature. This, of course, is easier said than done, but will inevitably result in the most phenomenal change in human knowledge since the beginning of societies. By adopting a new view of the Earth, we can thrust our wishes and desires in the right direction, into a place that is more down-to-earth, and certainly more in synch with the on-going power of this planet.

It's time for some serious cha-cha-changes, don't you think? I'm one who's turning to face the change.

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