Getting The Bugs Out

Parasites. No one wants to think about bugs or worms or things with antennas living inside their bodies. It makes me think about the worm-thing the bad guys were trying to put into Neo's stomach in the movie, The Matrix. Can you say GROSS!?

But, parasites are a real deal for many people, and believe it or not, YOU are exposed to many different kinds of parasites every day, no matter where you live. This doesn't mean that you have parasites, but you ARE exposed to them.

A parasite is a living organism that lives on, or in, another organism. It lives off its host, and causes harm in the process. Its name comes from the Greek word para, which means beside, and sitos, which means food.

Parasites, including worms, can invade your body through food and water, through transmitting agents (like a mosquito), during sexual contact, or through your nose and skin. I typically recommend that all Viet Nam veterans, or anyone who has traveled or lived in the jungle, do a parasite cleanse. And, most probably, more than once.

Most all parasites require a host to complete their life cycle, and animals can certainly serve as the host. Parasites vary in size from one-thousandth of one micron to the whale tapeworms that are one hundred feet long. Once established inside your body, parasites will eat the same foods you eat, or they will eat you.

There are over 100 different types of parasites and worms living in human bodies. Some are microscopic in size while others can quite easily be seen. They can be found everywhere in the environment; in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, and in the food we eat. They are in our domesticated animals, in the soil, on playgrounds, in day care centers, in school latrines, at the lake, on the beach, and in your backyard. The overuse of antibiotics and immunosuppressive drugs can weaken the body's immune system, allowing parasites to take a stronger hold.

On my Texas property, I have a wildlife preservation for endangered exotics, and I have one of the world's largest collections of endangered tortoises from around the world. I am exposed to many kinds of parasites from these beautiful tortoises, and I cleanse them periodically, and cleanse myself, using a parasite cleanse.

Several years ago, I got a call from the international airport in Dallas; they had tagged an illegal shipment of Amazonian Redfoot tortoises from the depths of the Brazilian Rain Forest. Because I have my Federal Fish and Wildlife permit to house the most endangered tortoises, I headed out to DFW to rescue these invaluable creatures. When I got them back to my greenhouses, I did some emergency ER on them because they had been on the airport tarmacs far too long, and were dehydrated and quite stressed. And, they had leaches on them that were four inches long.

Get out the Parasite Cleanse!

Many traditional medical practitioners do not believe that parasites are at the root of many diseases, even cancer. But ask any veterinarian, and they'll tell you that parasites ARE at the root of most animal diseases, even cancer. I personally believe from my clinical experiences, that many bone cancers are caused by parasites within the bone, and when my clients detox for parasites, some of them draw me pictures of what they see looking back at them from the toilet bowl.

My lab, Empirical Labs, has created a really good parasite cleanse based on the pioneering work of Dr. Hulda Clark. Dr. Clark based her work on the parasitic influences on human health, and she determined that merely three herbs can rid the body of over 100 types of parasites. Typically, without serious adverse side effects, such as a headaches or nausea, parasites can be removed from inside the body. Native American Indians knew this centuries ago. The herbs are:

* Black Walnut Hulls (from the green hulls of the Black Walnut tree)
* Wormwood (from the Artemisia shrub)
* Common Cloves (from the clove tree)

In nature, the Black Walnut tree is most unique because no bugs, typically worms, can penetrate the green hull covering the walnut. The actual walnut hull repels the worms, and it works the same way inside the human body.

Black Walnut hulls and wormwood kill adult parasites and stop the developmental stages of at least 100 different parasites. Cloves kill the eggs. If you use these herbs together and follow the program's timing schedule, you can rid yourself of parasites.

It is important to follow the program carefully, however, because if you kill only the adults, any eggs can soon grow into new adults. If you kill only the eggs, the million various stages of parasitic development already inside your body can also grow into adults, and make more eggs.

I use the Black Walnut tincture by itself two to three times a year just to make sure I have not picked up a parasite from my country property or from my wildlife preserve. I use it for two weeks and then take two weeks off, and then repeat it for two weeks again, and then take another two weeks off, and I do this off and on, off and on until I have finished the bottle. I DO NOT have parasites, but I always cleanse regularly to secure that I have eliminated any possibility of getting any! You would, too, if you saw those leeches!

For those who DO HAVE parasites, I suggest doing the entire parasite program using all three herbs.

Our Parasite Kit consists of these three herbs: 2-oz (fluid) Black Walnut hull tincture from the green hulls, 1 120-count clove capsules, 1 180-count wormwood (plus some herbs added), and an instruction page for a 21-day program. This program is based on Dr. Hulda Clarks' parasite program.

Serving size for the Black Walnut green hull tincture is 20 drops. The ingredients in the tincture: wild harvested green hull of Black Walnut (juglans nigra), grain alcohol, with the distilled water/grain alcohol content 45-55%, and the dry herb/menstrum ratio is 1:5. Suggested use for the Black Walnut green hull tincture: take 20 drops in a little water 3 times a day. There are about 60 servings per each 2 fluid ounce bottles. (59 ml)

The suggested use for the Wormwood Plus is 3 capsules daily; take 1 capsule 1 hour before each meal. If your stomach gets upset, take with meals. The maximum is 9 capsules/day, at 3 caps/dose with 90 capsules per bottle. There are 30 servings per container.

I suggest using 3 capsules daily of cloves. There are 120 capsules per bottle, which averages a 40 day supply per bottle.

The cloves are encapsulated the same day they are ground, for freshness, and are 1500 mg. There are no other ingredients added to the fresh cloves.

My lab uses no artificial fillers in any of our products, and for the Parasite Cleanse, they add montmorilonite clay, papaya leaf, juniper berry, Fullers Earth, cinnamon, Echinacea purpurea root, pau d'arco bark, lime peel, slippery elm bark, Calendula flower, Black Walnut hull, cayenne pepper, wormwood herb, Black Walnut leaf, green papaya seed, Southernwood herb, mugwort ai ye to make sure the job is done! The cloves and wormwood are in gelatin capsules.

I highly recommend detoxing for parasites at least once a year, but if you are chronically outdoors, like me, around plants and animals, have children in day care centers or playing outside regularly, own domestic pets, have a history of taking too many antibiotics, or are one of our cherished war veterans, I suggest you detox for parasites ASAP and continue doing so until any health symptoms associated with parasites completely disappear.

Common health reactions are a strong indication that parasites may be living within you. They include any combination of the following1:

  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Chronic diarrhea or/alternating with constipation
  • Nausea
  • Intestinal cramps
  • Dizziness
  • Changes in, or loss of, appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Fowl-smelling gas
  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Multiple food allergies
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Itching around the anus - especially at night (can indicate pinworms)
  • Restlessness and difficulty sleeping
  • Sore and aching intestines
  • Weight loss
  • Itching on the soles of the feet - sometimes accompanied by a rash
  • Coughing, bloody sputum in some cases
  • Fever followed by loss of appetite
  • Palpitations (can indicate hookworms)
  • Anemia
  • Muscle pain
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Facial swelling around the eyes (indicating trichinosis)
  • Wheezing and coughing, followed by vomiting, stomach pain and bloating (suggesting ascariasis or threadworms)

Before you get too grossed out, simply commit to doing the Parasite Cleanse, and if your symptoms DO go away, then take a second round of the supplements to secure all eggs and parasite "pieces" are destroyed. Periodically, once, twice or even three times a year, take the Black Walnut tincture, the wormwood or cloves (together, separately or rotate one at a time like I do), and know that you are ahead of the game - there is No Vacancy inside your body for parasites.

1The Medical Advisor. Time/Life Books, Alexandria, Virginia.

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