Whistle While You Work

Ask yourself this little question: Are you happy?

Do you whistle while you work? Do you look forward to waking up in the morning, and do you start your day with joy and enthusiasm? Do you like your job? Do you enjoy the people that are around you each and every day?

Well, I hope that you answer with an enthusiastic YES, but if you cannot say yes to all of the above, then we need to have a talk.

Think about this - we are all products of our environment - humans, plants and animals, and this biological principle has been taking place for millennia. When Charles Darwin studied life on the Gallipolis Islands, he discovered how each animal adapted to their different environments. This is what created the differences he observed in each species. Darwin's epiphanies are intended to apply to human beings, as well.

Humans adapt to their environments, too, and if you are in a happy environment, you will be happy. If you are living or working in an unhappy environment, you can become unhappy. Humans adjust and change depending upon their different environments.

So what is your environment molding you into today? Do you whistle while you work? Do you sing with the music on your radio or CD player? Do you smile at the checker at your grocery store or market? Do you dance naked under the stars and feel the freedom of the wind on your skin, or do you lock your doors and shut your curtains in fear every night after the sun goes down?

Critical thoughts, judgment, fear, and unhappiness hold back happiness and joy. Thoughts of love, trust and general well being speed up the flow of living a happy life and help you harvest all the beauty surrounding you within your environment. Love is the way to happiness, and Faith in your happiness is the means to draw it into your life.

If your environment is turning you and your future toward a direction of negativity, harsh judgment, hostility and unhappiness, seriously consider changing your environment. Remember that in order to survive, all animals must adapt (change) to fit into their surroundings. If your life is not making you happy - make some changes. Move. Switch roommates. Change jobs. Put your children in a different school. Dance to your CDs. Feel the wind brush against your cheeks.

When you focus too much on the negative effects of this world, you are lowering your vibration, and the lower your vibration, the more difficult it is for your good to come forth into manifesting happiness. But when you concentrate on the goodness within you (a product of the goodness within your surroundings), you are raising the vibration of "you." To run around trying to fix your world (and this typically focuses on judging others), you only aggravate the negativity even more. To change your world, you must change yourself. To change yourself, you must find the right environment for you.

If you are surrounded by lack; you will attract more lack. War breeds more war. If you are living in judgment; you will attract more judgment. If you are surrounded by beauty and love; you will receive more beauty and love. If you are kind to others; you will receive kindness. Like begets like.

Do not outline the details of the way you will achieve happiness. Let your environment surprise you with the delight of life. Be a part of the beauty surrounding you; do not try to control it. You do not want anyone controlling you, do you? Let go and savor the differences of all life, but do choose which environment you really wish to spend your life within. Then go with that flow. You'll find yourself moving slowly but steadily toward what's better for you, rather than getting stuck in the muck, and doing nothing but complaining about it.

Always work from within, and the happier you are, the greater your joy, the greater your prosperity, and doors will open to the beauty that does exist in this world.

Whistle while you work; smile from just a thought. Look kindly at the one you are talking to. Say thank you. Tell the people you are closest to how much you appreciate them caring about you. Have faith in yourself, and remember that this world is truly a beautiful place to live. This world only gets better each day as every person, place and thing makes his or her personal space a happy place. Then think of all the happy places filling this planet. Pretty soon no darkness can remain; there is no space left for the negative forces. Now THAT puts a smile on my face.

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