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Returning Health Symptoms After Using Diet Sweeteners

Q: I was drinking four glasses of Crystal Lite a day, at least. This was usually as two glasses per meal. Sometimes I would have up to four glasses per meal, taking my daily consumption up to eight glasses a day. Five months into this (I was in college, so it was a sudden transition eating in the school cafeteria), I felt constant health symptoms: headaches, a 'spacey feeling', dry mouth, disorganized thoughts, and tiredness. I was also diagnosed with a heart problem later that summer, Atrial tachycardia - could this be related?

Four months later, at the end of the school year, one of my friends told me my symptoms might be from the Crystal Lite. He told me this while we sat and ate dinner. After learning from him what aspartame was, and that it was reported to cause other symptoms, I put the glass down and never drank the stuff again.

Hum, my symptoms all disappeared.

Two years later, I was taking a protein supplement twice a day, sweetened with Splenda. After a few months, the old health symptoms returned, though not as severe. These included light headed-ness, that spacey feeling, dry mouth, and the occasional headache. I stopped taking the supplement and the symptoms disappeared - again. I started drinking it again to be sure, and the symptoms returned.

Hence, I stay away from all artificial sweeteners, and am an advocate for removing aspartame from the market.

A: Thank you for emailing us your case history and experience with aspartame. I will never understand how the medical community can deny any adverse reactions connected to aspartame, Splenda, and the sweetener blends. And I am saddened that these products remain on the market.

Your reaction is an obvious response to the toxins in aspartame, and it is fortunate you figured this out before any permanent health effects occurred. One thing to remember about the diet products these days, now that Splenda has come on the market, many products have more than just one diet chemical in them. I call these the sweetener blends, and some of your symptoms may have been due to this very thing - you are into aspartame in products you think just have Splenda.

Check your labels, too, because these sweeteners are in products NOT labeled sugar-free. And they are in many meds, so ask your pharmacist if you can get a list of what is used in your OTC and prescription drugs (if you use any).

Keep up the good work!
Thanks for emailing.

Diabetic Symptoms, But Not Diabetic

Q: I want to find out what can be used if you are diabetic to help sweeten drinks. Please help! My daughter has a lot of the problems that you write about. My husband and I also use these diet products, but we are not diabetic. Yet, we are now also having the problems she is experiencing, and our doctors cannot find what is wrong with any of us. Concerning my daughter's health problems, they blame everything on her diabetes. I really need more information on the sugar substitutes. Thanks for your time.

A: I think all your questions, and so many more, can be answered if you read my book, You can get it off Amazon or request a copy from your local library. If they are out of copies, they can order one through their library network.

The book will teach you all about the good and bad sweeteners, and offer you and your family many healthy solutions to keep life sweet - the easy and natural way!

After I experienced a serious mis-diagnosis of Grave's disease that was NOT Grave's but merely an aspartame reaction, I began researching and writing about the chemical sweetener substitutes. During 20 years of keeping up to date with this issue, I have written as much as I can to inform others about the truth behind these toxic sweeteners. Sadly, this information is very valid and well respected, but not so in the USA. Our society is not getting the whole truth about the dangerous side of artificial sweeteners; many doctors seem to have no interest in the subject, and the health symptoms these chemicals are causing are keeping people at the doctors' offices and endlessly buying from the pharmaceutical counters. A vicious cycle for the consumer, and a billion dollar money-maker for the drug companies.

Stop using these products, and return your daughter to natural foods with unprocessed food sugars. Many diabetics are doing this, and believe it or not, their blood sugar levels are balancing, with less spiking and fewer traumatic dips caused by these unnatural chemicals.

When someone's body is weakened because of a health disease or condition that requires a special diet and special care, the last thing to do is fill that body full of toxic chemicals. The best thing to do is fill it full of natural foods and water.

All the best!

Working Out on Diet Sweeteners

Q: To Dr. Hull: I read your website about the dangers of aspartame. I am on an aggressive weight loss and exercise program, so will drinking non-sugar, non-carbohydrate flavored drink mixes interfere with my body's ability to burn fat? For example: Crystal Lite?

A: I am passionate about athletes and trainers NOT using toxins, particularly aspartame and the other diet chemicals. An athlete's body has lower body fat, optimal metabolism, and is operating at an extreme high level during a workout. Whenever toxins are circulating through a fit system, they affect that system more dramatically because of that. Hence, athletes and weight lifters, like you, are sitting ducks for the toxins to increase metabolism and toxic effects. They will adversely affect athletes in more negative ways due to your fitness levels.

The NOW company makes a good protein powder sweetened with stevia called Lean Gro. This is what I recommend you use.

The best in health.

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