Universal Hormones

Are American hormones any different from European hormones, South African hormones, or East Australian hormones? Is estrogen in one woman a different type of estrogen from another woman? Nope.

Here's a great reminder that hormones and hormone awareness are Universal. And now men, women and the younger generations all over the world have to monitor the amount of hormones they eat - hormones injected into animals and into animal feed. Hormones end up on our dinner plates.

Dr. John R. Lee's book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause, is an excellent book concerning female hormones, especially progesterone. Purchase an original copy first published in 1996 at a used bookstore, however, because interestingly after Dr. Lee died, the book was reedited and republished with many of his original statements "against" the AMA and hormone therapy eliminated from the original book. So, read his original edition off the late-1990s used book list.

Do human beings and modern medicine really know what they are doing when recommending synthetic estrogen and hormone replacement for women, plus adding hormones into the food supply for women, men, and children to eat? In Leslie Kenton's book, Passage to Power, Kenton exposes that routinely prescribed combinations of estrogen/progesterone (progestins or progestogens) such as Provera® have in fact NEVER been approved by the American FDA for use as hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women. So who's driving this run-away-train?

Estrogen's job in the uterus is to stimulate production of the cells. Under the influence of estrogen, uterine cells multiply faster; then progesterone comes on the scene with ovulation and stops the cells from multiplying. Progesterone causes the cells to mature and enter into a secondary phase that matures the uterine lining, which is now ready to receive a possible fertilized egg.

In other words, estrogen hormones stimulate the growing phase of the cell, and progesterone is the hormone that stops the growth and brings the cells back into balance.

According to Dr. Lee, an epidemic of breast cancer and cancer of the uterus became dominant in the United States by the late 1980s. Breast cancer occurs most often at the stage of life when estrogen is dominant for a woman's entire month's cycle and progesterone is not coming in at the halfway point during ovulation. Dr. Graham Colditz, Harvard School of Medicine, stated as early as the 1990s that unopposed estrogen is responsible for at least 30 to 35 percent of all breast cancers, at that time.

Mainstream medicine has promoted the myth that menopause is primarily due to an estrogen deficiency. Yet estrogen levels drop an average of 40 to 60 percent at menopause, while progesterone levels can drop to nearly zero.

Progesterone balances estrogen with an opposing effect. When progesterone levels drop to near zero, estrogen dominance occurs. This doesn't necessarily mean a woman has too much estrogen; it may mean she has too little progesterone. Unopposed estrogen (a lack of progesterone) greatly increases the risk of endometrial cancer, breast cancer, bloating and water retention, breast soreness, hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, and memory and concentration problems. Progesterone works at the cellular level to protect the body from these estrogen-induced problems.

Progesterone is obtained for human use by extracting specific components from plants, such as wild yams or soybeans, and then converting them into the progesterone you get from a laboratory. Synthetic progesterone, on the other hand, is known as progestin and contains diosgenin. There is no evidence that the human body converts diosgenin into hormones. Many products contain "wild yam extract", but this may not necessarily be natural progesterone, and merely a form of diosgenin.

So, if your breasts get sore after ovulation, if you experience severe mood swings, depression, sleeplessness and other PMS symptoms, try using natural progesterone suspended in the proper container. Avoid progesterone products containing mineral oil because the oil will prevent the progesterone from being absorbed into the skin. Progesterone can deteriorate over time if exposed to oxygen, and by the time you get to the bottom of the jar, there may be no real progesterone left. So, purchase progesterone in a tube or pump, and this will lessen exposure to oxygen. Use only after ovulation when the breasts are sore. This is a signal from your body that your estrogen/progesterone may be out of balance.

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