Toxins and Pregnancy

I have many women ask me if it is a good idea to detox before getting pregnant. My answer: YES! Oh, YES! I actually recommend every woman detox before getting pregnant because toxins in the mother can, and will, penetrate the placenta and will circulate through the bloodstreams of both mother and child. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, detox at least two months before you conceive.

The hair analysis is the best way to tell if toxins are within your blood or body organs, and it will show what those toxins are. I recently performed a hair analysis for a mother and her two-year old son in Eastern Europe. The child was showing signs of lethargy and hyperactivity. He slept an average of 11 hours each night, yet woke tired and listless. Then, throughout the day at unpredictable times, he would wind-up tighter than a wristwatch and behave wild and irrational. His eating habits were good, and his mother fed him quality whole grains, organic milk products, and little processed foods or sugary foods.

So what could cause such opposing behavior in a two-year old child? Toxins - metal toxins. And, lots of them!

I performed a hair test on both mother and son, and discovered they were both high in the same metals: aluminum, antimony, arsenic, bismuth, cadmium, lead, mercury, platinum, uranium, nickel, silver, tin, copper, and titanium. It appears the mother had passed these toxins on to her son in vitro. Her own 20-something-year-old body had been carrying these toxins around for a few years, but she had learned to deal with the headaches, lethargy, anxiety, and the other negative reactions the toxins were creating inside her.

These days, most adults have adjusted to these types of health stresses by simply adapting to them, by accepting that they have no choice but to "live" with them, and they mask the worst of the symptoms with pain relievers, sleep aids, and a plethora of mediations that place a band-aid on the real issue - what's causing these symptoms.

But a child does not understand what a headache is, and commonly reacts by "acting out" - throwing toys, crying without reason, hitting and biting, acting ugly, and this particular little boy suffered with severe heartburn. A two-year-old with heartburn? This shouldn't be. This is not a typical two-year old health reaction - it should never be considered typical.

The mother did the right thing in searching for WHY her son was experiencing behavioral mood changes and physical pain. Matching the toxic load of both mother and son helps identify the time of exposure, which in turn, gives the mother a clue to when and where she accumulated such a high toxic load. Now they can eliminate any current exposure to these particular toxins by removing the source, and then, they can both detox the metals from their bodies before any permanent damage has occurred.

My best suggestion to anyone in today's modern, polluted world is to detox on a regular basis, in particularly when you are considering becoming pregnant. The time for a mother to clean up her system is before the baby draws from it during pregnancy, and this way, the child can come into the world as clean on the inside as it is on the outside.

Read about detoxing during pregnancy in my Detoxification Program. I have written many articles on the importance of detoxification, and have published a Detox book to educate all prospective parents on how to prepare their bodies for pregnancy.

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