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Comment: Stevia Soft Drinks
Q: What do you know about Rebiana? For those who do not know what Rebiana is, read the brief summary and answer in Coke, Cargill Aim For a Shake-Up In Sweeteners By Lauren Etter and Betsy Mckay.

Coca-Cola Co. and Cargill Inc. have teamed up to market a new calorie-free natural sweetener they hope will appeal to health-conscious consumers and shake up the global sweeteners market, but they face serious regulatory and production challenges.

The two companies' ambitious push to develop the new product, tentatively named Rebiana, is the latest step in the soft-drink industry's decades-long quest for the "holy grail" of sweeteners -- one that sweetens products without adding calories, but also tastes good. Sucralose, the most recent breakthrough, was introduced in the U.S. in 2000 under the brand name Splenda.


A: If Stevia is the only sweetener used in this new soft drink, then I think it's a better choice for diet cola drinkers. But, I also know that saccharin began in this fashion - it was originally a root in China, and over the years became a totally manufactured entity. Even though saccharin is the better choice between aspartame and sucralose, it is no longer the natural sweetener it started out to be.

I hope we do not see Stevia replicated in the lab like saccharin, and one day become completely manufactured from nasty lab chemicals. In its natural form, Stevia is as safe as oregano.

Comment: Why Doesn't The FDA Do Something?
Q: About 17 years ago I started walking in my sleep and after a year of it happening quite frequently. I asked my doctor what would cause me to all of a sudden start sleep walking? He asked me if I consumed a lot of aspartame, and I said, "Yes, I have four to six diet cokes everyday and I keep the blue packets in my purse to sprinkle on cereal, fruit, etc." He suggested that I lay off the aspartame for a while, and he said he could almost guarantee I would stop sleep walking. It worked!!

He told me aspartame's effects on the brain, and also said to me, "You just watch and see: in the next ten years there will be an increase in M.S., Lupus and many other neurological diseases and more brain tumors." In the seventeen years since I first saw my doctor, I have had two friends die of brain tumors, both were Diet Coke® drinkers. My two best friends, my next door neighbor, my sister-in-law and another close friend's daughter all have M.S., and all of them are Diet Coke drinkers.

I do everything I can to spread the news about this poison. I just have to wonder, why doesn't the FDA do something about it?

A: It is sad that aspartame has taken yet even more victims, but it is also very encouraging that you have figured this out and that you have support and knowledge from your doctor about aspartame. Just a few short years ago, most doctors glazed over when you mentioned the dangerous health effects of aspartame.

For some very odd reason, traditional AMA MDs and RDs (Registered Dietitians) don't seem interested in aspartame dangers. But as time moves forward, it appears that more and more doctors are jumping onto the bandwagon and recognizing the true harmful effects of aspartame to human health. Of course, less drugs and medicines are sold when one gets off aspartame and the other toxic sweeteners. But a true healer wants you to heal as opposed to giving you a lengthy prescription list. And just think, all you needed was to get off aspartame!

You ask why the FDA doesn't do something about this? Bottom-line, the FDA, as a whole, is trying to protect our freedom; but it's the actions of those few people within the FDA leadership and the corporations who are not highly ethical and honest in this aspartame issue, and they are abusing their freedom as public leaders by putting profit over health.

When aspartame was first approved in the 1970s, the FDA immediately rescinded that approval when they learned that it caused brain lesions and seizures. But the big money corporations pushed aspartame for re-approval, and 10-years later that approval was mysteriously granted. Suddenly, aspartame was approved at the shock and dismay of the FDA safety committees.

This issue is very, very political because it represents multi-billion dollar profits. But profits over human life? Having personally worked with this issue for over 15 years - I must say, apparently so.

Please thank your doctor for being a true healer. And I am glad you have found the root of your health issues - aspartame.

Comment: Addicted to aspartame
Q: I have tried to get off diet cokes with aspartame twice. Both times I got deathly ill. I had severe stomach pain, diaphoresis, dizziness, and fainting. The most recent time, just a few weeks ago, I actually had to crawl to the bathroom and lay on the bathroom floor with a cold washcloth trying to stay conscious. I had tremors on and off for hours. The first time I was taken to the ER and was told my problem was constipation, which I have every time I try to get off the diet cokes. I did not associate the episode with aspartame withdrawal until the second most recent incident. It's like my system cannot function without the aspartame.

Will it help if I don't go cold turkey and just steadily decrease my usage? I am using some of the Herbalife® drinks and herbs to help me this time.

When I don't have this aspartame drug, I can't put one foot in front of the other. I am exhausted, but when I get back on diet sweeteners, it is like rebound and I feel weaker instead of better. I've got to get out of this cycle and get off this terrible drug. Help me!

A: It is common for people to first realize an addiction to the diet chemicals once they try to go cold turkey. Your experience is a really severe one.

I suggest getting off them completely, but replace the body's "programming" of receiving these chemicals with supplementing other healthy chemicals your body will gobble up. Have 1/2 a regular clear cola at a time, and spread that usage throughout the day when you crave the diet colas. Then slowly back off the regular colas over time. Then, take a good multi-vitamin supplement, plus vitamin C (an extra supplement) and find some quality trace minerals, as well. Drink a small cup of distilled aloe vera juice on a full tummy once or twice a day, and then drink lots of bottled spring water. This should replace the chemicals the body has been using as food.

Then get plenty of rest, exercise and move your body. This will also help your system fill with oxygen and feel better.

Treat this as if you had the flu, and take care of yourself and nurse your body back to health as you would any illness. Thank goodness this chemical addiction has not impacted your health with a more permanent scar.

You can return to health, and can now appreciate a healthy diet more than ever before. Your body is simply talking to you, and telling you how sick these chemicals made it feel on the inside. The continued aspartame usage was just masking the damage to your health.

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