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To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Aspartame and your child

Q: Comments: I just quit aspartame a week ago. I know it is affecting me. My question is I am wondering if it caused my 5 year old's developmental delays? He is totally disabled and no doctor anywhere has been able to
figure out why. I have mentioned Nutrasweet before -- asked them if that could have caused his problems while he was in the womb but all of them dismiss that questions as silly. What do you think?

A: Thank you for your email. Yes, aspartame has been shown in the lab (IE SUNY, NY) to affect the brain development of lab pups, and IQs were on the average 20 points lower. The rise in autism, childhood diabetes and childhood obesity, ADHD, etc. also prove there is a stimulant in our food supply causing these strange new diseases. Aspartame has been on the market for 20 years now - the number of these diseases has risen over the past 20 years. I don't believe in coincidence.

The truth about aspartame has been manipulated by the politics behind the money (and the fallout) from aspartame. It has made many people wealthy, yet harmed millions of people. Now, who will clean up the mess when the lawsuits start? This is why they want to keep this issue quiet. It has succeeded so far, but only time will tell as the people fight back for justice.

Please read a copy of SWEET POISON (you can find it at your library or off Amazon) and this will answer all your many questions as to why and how something like this could happen. It will also help you move forward and learn what you can do to repair this travesty.

So, Jane, yes, aspartame has been proven to adversely affect the fetus, and your doctor is behind the times if he's not keeping up with the aspartame science - the non-pharmaceutical science, that is!!

All the best to you and your family.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Phenylalanine

Q: Comments: Why, why is there no warning put on bottles of foods containing phenylalanine?

My Child is ADHD, odd stress/anxiety disorder to name a few. I read the contents on the bottle of clear American, Sparkling-flavored beverage thoroughly for the first time today after several melt downs. Everything looked ok because my major concern was to much sugar, but it stated there was none. Then I noticed this other name: phenylalanine. I had never heard of this before. Went online and found your site explaining it. Again, Why no warnings?

If I hadn't become concerned about her behavior because of her severe actions and her wording (she stated she wish she had never been born, among other things) I would never have checked. Is it legal to go to the newspaper and have them put the warning in the paper for others to know what to look for?

This makes me very angry that there was no concern about this affecting people like my child or any other person with problems. This is radically wrong.

A: Thanks for your email. It is a crime what the manipulation of the truth about aspartame dangers has done to the children. The governments know about this - all of them - and it is easier to sweep this under the carpet than to
deal with the damage done by the "fixed" approval of aspartame. Someday, the whole truth will be allowed to come forth, and all the media, government officials, and corporations, and medical doctors who have been told to cover this up will have to justify their corruption.

For now, spread the word about the real dangers of aspartame, and help as many people as you can to understand this issue has been manipulated - but so many people have suffered.

Try to get you child on a good multivitamin program, and detox her the best you can.

All the best.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Good aspartame question

Q: I have a question regarding the hair analysis. Does it detect and report quantities of aspartame related chemicals? (Methanol, formaldyhyde, etc.) To make a long story really short, I was diaagnosed with severe depression. For the last 5 years I've been taking the usual medications, but never really seemed to get any better. It was driving me crazy. Then I found your web page (among others) on the dangers of Aspartame. I have been a diet coke drinker since it was introduced.

My habit had grown to 4 liters/day. After finding your site, I stopped drinking diet coke and, within 2 weeks, the symptoms of depression, as well as other assorted symptoms that I thought were just age related (blurred vision, tunel vision, tingling in hands, etc.), all disapeared. Yeah! Unfortunately, I made this discovery after flunking out of school. There is a chance I may be able to get re-instated, but first I need to prove that Diet Coke was the cause of my problems. Is aspartame or any of its component parts detectable in hair analysis? If it is, I will be ordering one asap. Thanks in advance and please keep up the good work!

A: The byproducts of aspartame (formaldehyde, etc.) are what show up in the body, but not in the hair as much as in the bloodstream. By the time the body has digested the chemical toxins, their by-products are what are excreted (or stored), and these show in the hair.

Nonetheless, I can tell using the hair analysis if aspartame is the root of health symptoms by comparing any metals or other toxins present in the body. For example, if you have no metals present, your health symptoms have to source to an outside exposure to toxins in either your environment or in your food.

So I can determine if aspartame is affecting your body using the process of elimination, even though no "aspartame" will register.

I hope this is of help. Good luck in your quest for wellness, and I am so happy you discovered the damaging qualities of aspartame and all diet sweeteners. Now you are on your way to health!!



To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: How to get off diet drinks

Q: My father who is 56 years old is incredibly addicted to Diet Pepsi. I am trying to have him avoid this due to aspartame. It's beginning to worry me and the seriousness of the side effects. If I can find him an alternative he is willing to change. He is diabetic, needs caffine but cannot intake too much coffee or natural sugar. Can you suggest an alternative to relieve him of his needs and to avoid aspartame?

A: Bottom line - all any of us can do is drink water (1/2 gal to 1 gal a day), drink a regular soda occasionally if we crave one, take our vitamins at least 5 times a week, and exercise regularly. The alternative is to use NO sugar at all - go with what's natural in the food, and if he insists, use the pink packet in coffee or tea. Saccharin is, and always has been, perfectly safe and never caused cancer.

Drink water from a bottle all day long, exercise on a regular basis, and eat smaller whole food meals throughout the day. This will help.

Good luck!


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: pH confusion

Q: I have recently purchase a testing strip pH kit in order to test my urine & saliva. The urine checks out at 5.5 & the saliva hit the high mark of 7.5. Why the difference?

Thanks a lot.

A: In my opinion, an average pH for the water in the body is 6.4. Below is too acidic, and this is where disease proliferates like in an acidic aquarium or swimming pool. Too alkaline dries the water in the body and causes hardening of the arteries and kidney stones, etc. So, the blood should be 7.4 but the water 6.4.

Your mouth is too alkaline at 7.5, which means your digestive enzymes in the saliva are ineffective. Don't drink while you eat and let your saliva begin to digest your food in the mouth. Also, check for any thrush or Candida on the tongue. Is your tongue white first thing in the morning? At 5.5, your urine is too acidic. Obviously, it has gone through a change as it made its way from your alkaline mouth through your body. This may be a sign of malabsorption and inefficient digestion. I would consider taking a digestive enzyme. By adjusting your diet, see if you can get both saliva and urine closer to 6.4.

You will benefit from my detox book. I explain this in detail in the book. Go to http://www.detoxprogram.net for info if you are interested.

Good luck!!

Janet Hull


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