Splenda Case History

Leslee contacted the Hullistic Network sharing her experiences with Splenda. I asked if we could include her story in this month's Healthy Newsletter. Her reply:

"By all means, include my story - all or any part of it - in anything or anyway you wish. The word needs to be spread and I would like to be a part of that. Yes, my symptoms have disappeared. My HUGE abdomen has subsided to nearly a normal size. Before I stopped using the Splenda, it was the size of a 7-month pregnant woman. I was swollen all over. I will email you a before and after picture within the next few days. You will be amazed at the difference after only a week without this poison.

Do you know if any one has done any kind of special program dedicated to aspartame or Splenda poisoning ... i.e, Oprah, 60 Minutes, etc??

I am so elated to be nearly back to normal but I have so much anger after all the suffering I did. I have done additional research and discovered more than one article indicating that aspartame can cause ovarian/uterine tumors. I wonder how much a jury would think mine were worth?? I never had any health problems at all until I began to use artificial sweeteners. How very sad to think many people will go through life feeling as I did and not have a clue why. That's why I want to help in any way I can to reach everyone!

Below is my history:

Since I have been using Splenda, I have been seen by:

family practitioners

Since I have been using Splenda, I have had the following procedures/surgeries performed:


Since I have been using Splenda, I have been prescribed the following medications:

anti-pain pills
anti-water pills
hormone shots

Since I have been using Splenda, I have had the following complaints:

head pain
neck pain
hip pain
back pain
shoulder pain
joint pain
abdominal swelling
abdominal pain
abdominal tenderness
vaginal bleeding
interstitial cystitis
ringing in ears
tingling in hands
unexplained weight gain (17 lbs)
seeing spots
blurry vision

Since I have been using Splenda, the following are the tests I have had performed:

abdominal CT scans
brain scan
bone scan
blood work
cartoid ultrasound
bladder scan

Since I have been using Splenda, I have been checked for the following (in addition to many more) conditions:

kidney disease
ovarian cancer

Since I have been using Splenda, I have attempted to lose weight (unsuccessfully) by trying the following weight control programs:

weight watchers
Atkins diet
South Beach diet
joined a gym

There is no warning on the box of Splenda - in fact, the box claims it is 'suitable for the whole family.'

Would you know where or who to contact to start lobbying to get this poison taken off the market? I have been suffering from Splenda poisoning for 2-3 years."

Thank you
Leslee Scurlock


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* Splenda Case History

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