Q and A with Dr. Hull

To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: weight loss with aspartame

Q: I just started a calorie controlled weight loss program. I have been drinking a generic version of Crystal Lite and Arizona Green Tea with Ginsing. I drink 2 quarts per day to help me get plenty of water with a little flavor. I did notice weird heartbeats and severe menstrual cramps. Am I putting myself at risk for major health problems? I also walk 3 miles, 6 days a week. I would like to loose about 80 pounds. Please help. I already have migraines.

A: I would stop the chemical products, for sure. Losing weight is one thing, but creating more problems as a result of weight loss is another issue. Try to lose weight in a permanent, healthy way - exercise more than you eat, don't eat after 5:00 PM, and drink lots of water and fresh juice.

Do your body a favor, and stop ALL chemical products promising quick fixes. There is always a catch if it's not natural.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: brain lesions

Q: A friend at my work gave me info on your findings and I had to write and give this a try. I have had all of these symptoms all at once and some a few at a time for several years now. I finally gave in and went to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist with all of my symptoms - migraines, vertigo, sinus problems, allergies (springtime), fatigue, mood swings, anger over nothing, stressed out, blurred vision, etc. He in turn ordered an MRI two weeks ago and he called me last week at work and told me what he was suspecting. He said the white matter in my brain had multiple lesions and he is sending me to a neurologist and suspects either I have had several mini strokes or I have Multiple Sclerosis. Of course getting over this shock took a while but I am ready to find out what is going on with me so I can feel good again, I really have no clue what it means to feel good anymore, and I was beginning to really think I was going crazy. I would really appreciate your input ASAP. I am open to any and all suggestions and would like to have a hair sample tested, just wasn't sure if it would do any good since I have "lesions in the white matter" and wasn't sure if
metal poisoning could even cause lesions.

A: You are doing the right thing in searching for answers, as the doctors don't seem to provide many, as I have discovered. My first question: Do you use aspartame, diet colas, or Equal? Aspartame was proven to put holes in the brains of lab mice. If not, then we need to search for a neurotoxin that would penetrate the brain and while sitting within the brain mass with no escape, deteriorates the brain mass and actually eats holes in your brain. Yes, this is really happening to human beings!!!! Much to my horror.

Lighter metals do enter the brain, but they normally form a tumor due to their physical properties. "Chemicals" not intended to penetrate the brain are the root of the lesions, as they "eat" away at the brain tissue as they dissolve most solid matter.

So, let's search your diet for any and all food chemicals (aspartame, MSG, food colorings, etc.) and then see what metals show up in the hair analysis. If we can identify what is getting inside the brain and stop it, we can focus on rebuilding the damage done and prevent future damage.

Let me know how I can be of further help.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: C2 Coke

Q: I found your website while researching PHENYLALANINE. I am trying to find out if drinking the new C2 Coke will have any negative side effects for a healthy 41 year old. I currently drink a couple of cans of regular Coke a day and would like to cut the calories without cutting the taste!

A: C2 Coke has both Splenda and aspartame in it, plus Ace-K. Good Lord, this is worse than a diet coke. The chemicals in this will not only burn the bladder but also will penetrate the brain and effect normal brain function. As if one diet chemical isn't enough? Now there are three in one.

I would drink a regular cola as if it were a treat - only once in a while and stretch one out when you do. It can be compared to drinking a highball as the body needs no more than one occasionally or it goes into health stress. Just drink bottled water all day long.

Stay away from the 'C2 colas' for health reasons. I imagine it makes you feel tired and "foggy" after you drink one, doesn't it?

Thanks so much for your email.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: triglycerides and diet sweeteners

Q: My physician has told me that my triglycerides are way too high (over 400). So, I'm trying to alter my diet to reduce the number. I recently bought some diet Pepsi sweetened with Aspartame because I'm supposed to avoid sugar and alcohol. I don't like Aspartame; I don't like the taste either.

A: Your body is telling you it doesn't want the toxins - listen to it!!

Q: What about Splenda? It's manufactured in my state of Alabama. It's basically simple, granulated sugar that is chemically treated so that the body doesn't absorb it. It is said to be safe for diabetics. What do you think? And, Why do you think more food companies don't use it instead of Aspartame? It certainly
tastes a lot better!

A: Well, Splenda isn't as harmful as aspartame in the same way, but it is still a probable carcinogen because the chemical they have used to prevent the body from absorbing the sugar is chlorine - a known carcinogen. I'd simply use no sugar at all and go with the natural sweetness in real foods. Also, I would watch the "processed" carbs and follow Suzanne Somer's diet - it is really good. Then, I'd get on niacin to lower the Tri-s and a good liver detox would be helpful, too. I think the oil in your engine needs changing - your blood is getting dirty and you need to cleanse it. This works for me and does for many others. Don't put more toxins back into the body while you're trying to resolve the toxic load driving your blood levels up in the first place.

The answer to why aspartame is used more than sucralose is vast. In summary, I'd answer: politics, money, and ego!

Let me know if I can be of further help. You might enjoy the detox eBook. Go to DetoxProgram.net and see if it will be of value to you. There's more to your high numbers than lowering sugar. You may have some toxins present, and adding chemical sweeteners isn't the solution.

Good luck.


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