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The Radiation From Japan

Has the radiation from Japan really affected our fresh food choices in America?

Sadly, it has and may continue to impact our farms and oceans for many years to come, but this doesn't mean you replace eating fresh foods with man-made, pre-packaged chemical foods. Simply be very selective where you buy your fresh foods, preferably from local farmers that you know, and wash them more diligently.

California dairy now contains cesium 137, according to the Berkeley Nuclear Physics Department. Spinach, arugula, kale, grasses, and wild mushrooms have had intermittent positive findings. Milk is the worst. Raw milk, however, does not show signs of radiation. Because the immune systems of organic cows are chemical-free, they are much stronger and healthier, and can excrete radiation in healthy ways. Humans are no different - the less chemical exposure humans have, especially avoiding inoculations, pharmaceuticals, and chemical foods, the healthier their immune systems are, too. It has recently been found that turmeric and tocotrienols (in some vitamin E) in foods protects from radiation, too.

The History of Saccharin

Hey there. I was reading your past posts, and I have a question. Doesn't saccharin cause cancer, and I believe you are mistaken in writing that "saccharin is actually a natural plant sugar derivative." The history of Falberg's discovery is of him isolating it from the chemical compounds in coal tar. Though coal may have at one time been a plant, coal sugar is a stretch. Thanks for your article, though. It was most informative. Here is a link to a few of Monsanto's greatest hits: http://www.laleva.cc/pharma/monsantofiles.html Ciao, Fred

Thanks for your email. I believe that when Monsanto patented saccharin in 1901, it was based on this lab finding, but I do not believe that this was the BIRTH of saccharin. Sodium saccharide has been present in plants since the beginning of time, and when my dad was in India during WWII, they got their saccharin out of China... not a war surplus from Monsanto. Sugar and sugar replacements were so scarce in Europe, dad used to trade his cotton jackets for saccharin. I believe that the root source of Falberg's lab concoction was based on the source of saccharin from living plants. Fossilized plant remains have already broken down the sugar molecule, yes, and that makes for a great source of already prepared, and very potent chemical sugar, doesn't it? Like the sugar alcohols today. All we have is a little history to track saccharin's origin, and I believe my dad when he said their troops got it out of China. In the 1940s, China DID NOT trade with Monsanto. Monsanto can claim they originally discovered saccharin, and I believe their claims are true that they discovered how to extract it from fossilized plants/coal tar and then marketed that form industrially. They had the account with the new Coca Cola Company in the early 1900s to put saccharin in coke. I believe that! And I believe that this was the birth of a more unnatural and man made form of saccharin. But I still accept the fact that it never caused cancer; it might in the future if we keep adding more unnatural chemicals to it or blend it with those sweeteners that have been proven to cause cancer, like aspartame. Saccharin was researched in the 1960s with cyclamate combined with it in the animal feed. Cyclamate has been proven to cause cancer in other studies, but saccharin has not. Again, if humans would leave the sugars to nature and get them out of the labs, maybe we can return to some decent and safer sweeteners. And if the Big Corps were smart, they'd promote saccharin as being a safer choice; but I don't think the Big Corps want a safe sweetener - they make too much money selling the drugs to suppress the side effects these toxic sweeteners cause. People are figuring this out though. Slowly, but surely. The best in health, - Janet Hull

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