Free Food

You do know that all our food is free, right? Well, that's the way Nature intended it to be. Nature provides free food for every animal on the planet - human beings simply realized that they could make money off mankind's need to eat, so we are the only animals that "pay" for our food.

Our water is free, too - well again, it's supposed to be. Sadly, clean water will have an even heftier price tag on it in the future if we don't stop polluting it with toxic wastes and radiation.

Let's start with some basics: orange trees, cherry trees, and lemon and lime trees. And berries: think about strawberries, blueberries, and all the berries that grow prolifically within nature; berries are some of the healthiest foods that we can eat. Simply pick them off the vine and feed your body the antioxidants that good ole' Mother Nature provides all animals - free of charge.

Walnut trees, pecans, hazelnuts, and almond trees provide some of the healthiest oils on the planet - and these nuts grow FREE in the wild for squirrels, birds, possums, and humans to harvest during peak seasons. Simply gather them up and start cracking!

And fish! Ah, fresh fish. Bass, trout, salmon, groupie, and flounder are free for all to catch. Shrimp, crabs and scallops provide the nutrients to support the thyroid gland and endocrine system; so grab your net and chow down on some of nature's free food. (Minus the oil patties, but that's a discussion for another time...)

Eggs can be found everywhere, and eggs provide the seeds of life for all animals, which provides the protein and amino acids needed for growth and cell repair. Animals in the wild can live for days off a raw egg or two.

For the carnivores roaming around, Nature provides plenty of free meat because these food sources reproduce rapidly, balancing the supply and demand. There are squirrels, deer, rabbits, ducks, doves, rats and mice, raccoons and possum reproducing anywhere that humans haven't polluted or destroyed, that is.

Nature provides the healthy fats and oils, sodium, and complex sugars all animals need to fuel their brains and provide daily energy. Nature even provides free pharmaceuticals to sweep our bodies clean of microorganisms, germs, and pathogens. Apple seeds, apricot pits, Brewer's yeast and sprouts contain B17, a cyanide-containing compound that prevents cancer in wild animals. And, humans are no exception to this benefit.

Milk is free for babies and infants - all lactating animals can feed their offspring with the purest form of milk at no cost, providing the most critical nutrients necessary to build a healthy immune system.

Nature has it all figured out, so where have human beings gone wrong?

As I write in my book, The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet, the human body has not "kept up" with the modern technology of food. We certainly should not be eating technology! It's far too expensive, anyway. Human beings have traveled too far down the wrong road with what we eat and drink, and as technology continues to mutate Nature's menu, diseases proliferate to the point that our immune systems resist the man-made drugs offered us every time we sneeze.

All this is making me hungry - I think I'll go into my garden and gather up some free food.

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