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Detoxing During Pregnancy

Q: I have been using aspartame for over 20 years, and I just stopped it because I am suffering with serious body pain, and I am also pregnant. Do I need to find an environmental medicine doctor to do the chelation stuff? Am I going to die from this right now? Sometimes I am in a lot of pain.

A: Because you are pregnant, you should counsel with a nutritionist, homeopath, or DC and work with them one-on-one to detox during pregnancy. I recommend detoxing using foods such as cilantro and apples, remove ALL food chemicals, and take your vitamins regularly. This in itself should make a huge difference - removing the source of the toxins and stopping the diet chemicals will stop adding to the problem. During pregnancy it is best to remove toxins using foods and vitamins so as not to produce a concentration of toxins the baby might be exposed to through the blood. Any toxins that are in the colon will exit without any exposure to the fetus.

Research enemas and safe colonics to remove the toxins already in the intestines, remove their sources ASAP, flush your body with water and healthy foods to remove the toxins, and try not to worry too much - these steps should help you feel better quickly and also protect the baby.

You did the best thing you could do by discovering that the toxins are there because this allowed you the awareness to remove their sources immediately, such as the diet sweeteners. Now your body will begin to feel better.

Because you are pregnant, your removal of the deep tissue toxins may be a bit slower in order to isolate the baby from exposure, but your awareness has made all the difference to you in the months ahead. See the Detoxing and Pregnancy article in this issue.

At such a wonderful time in your life, it is recommended to find a doctor who will work with you and one who understands nutrition. The alternative nutritional doctors are the better ones to work with. A midwife would be a great choice for support, as well. Even if she doesn't deliver the baby for you, she can certainly help you detox using foods and safe supplements to keep these metals in check and help you feel better, day-by-day.

Omega 3

Q: Can you please recommend a safe Omega 3 supplement for pregnancy? Is there any other way to get DHA and the Omega 3s? Thanks!

A: I recommend getting your EPA and DHA from eating cold water fish, but supplementing with a quality fish oil is better than not supplementing with the oil at all. It is best to supplement with a fish oil that offers 90% uptake of EPA, but it is hard to find a liquid vitamin supplement this strong. But, again, it is better to consistently supplement with quality oil with less than 90% than not supplementing with one at all.

I recommend the Norwegian Cod Liver Oil and my favorite brand is Carlson.

My pH

Q: I am confused about the pH information I am reading on the net. I test alkaline both on my saliva and urine tests, 6.8-7.25 with each on any given day. Given this, would eating 75% alkaline foods be beneficial? I have been drinking mostly Fiji water for several years, which has a higher alkalinity reading than most water. I switched to filtered tap water last week and actually felt better. Following that theory, I tried drinking plain cranberry juice sweetened with stevia. All my pain returned. So the more acidic water helped but the acidic cranberry juice did not. Now I'm really confused. After reading this, is there anything that you notice that would enlighten me?

A: Your confusion is exactly what you need to look into farther - it is serving to help you identify a deeper issue. The cranberry juice is probably breaking the toxins apart, which trickles down to feeling them as they metabolize and excrete. It can be common to test alkaline when yeast is an issue, but it is also common when the body is genetically predisposed to being drier, more sluggish, etc. Alkalinity is setting the body up for sedimentation and the deposition of sediments circulating through the body. It is important to be a bit more acidic to break those sediments apart. Alkalinity is a root of kidney stones, arterial plaque, and gallstones, for example.

Play around with the 75/25 Eating Chart that I sent you, and experiment with the foods and the combination of foods that eventually adjust and balance your salvia and urine to read between 6.4 and 6.6 pH. This will serve to design your perfect food selections for your specific body type.

The best in health,

- Janet Hull

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