Food For Thought

Here's some food for thought - as well as nourishing your body, food should make you feel good, think clearly, sleep better, maintain your perfect body weight, secure youthful aging, and keep a smile on your face. At least that's what food did about 10,000 years ago.

As recently as sixty years ago, many of the healthiest foods were called "morale foods" because the right kinds of foods promoted a feeling of general well being and increased vigor. Vitamins are found in natural foods in minute amounts, but they influence vital body processes in enormous ways. Vitamin rich foods promote a positive mental attitude and lots of energy. Here's a simple fact, but one that isn't emphasized enough these days: human bodies operate the same today as 10,000 years ago, but our foods and diseases aren't the same as even twenty years ago. There is a connection between the causes of many diseases and the foods we eat.

At least nine vitamins are crucial to human nutrition; however, if your diet provides merely vitamins A, B, (especially B1), C, and G (riboflavin), chances are the other vitamins will be found in adequate amounts in the same food sources. Vitamin D, however, does not occur in large enough quantities in foods to be significant, and it is recommended that a special source such as fish-liver oil, natural supplements, and sunshine be provided daily.

Good nutrition is simple. Basic nutrition doesn't need to be as complicated as food manufacturers and crafty advertisers make it out to be. Fat-free this and sugar-free that, low-carb this and no-carb that. How far from the common sense of eating we human animals have wandered; especially modern-day children.

Diseases have plagued mankind for centuries but in different ways from today. In the 1940s, diseases were directly traced to the lack of one or more vitamins in the diet; not to the addition of artificial, man-made chemicals inserted into our foods and our bodies. All vitamins contribute to health and general well being, each vitamin functioning in a highly specialized way to secure human health. Nature's miracles. The complications of modern nourishment have set aside the simple basics of yesteryear. Food has become more complicated, and disease has become equally as complicated.

If you are what you eat, then a balanced diet will lead to a balanced life. Don't make a big deal project out of adjusting your eating patterns. Start simply by ensuring that you eat one meal a day that you know is really good for you. Include whole grains (non GMO), fresh organic fruits and vegetables, and unprocessed cheeses or meats as preferred.

Eventually you might feel so good that you find yourself eating less and less sugar and fried foods. Once you've survived withdrawal from rancid fats, simple carbs, and processed sugar and artificial sweeteners, your body will show you that it's the best judge of what it needs to feel good.

Food for thought!

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