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Aspartame and the Hair Analysis

Q: I think I'm experiencing some health problems from aspartame. I've been drinking a ton of it for a while, and I now have things like eye twitching, tremors, odd neurological issues, tingling sensations, etc. I have been to many doctors without much luck, and tonight it dawned on me that the problem might be aspartame. I'd like to get a hair test to confirm it. Do your hair tests confirm such a thing?

A: The hair analysis does not specifically show aspartame because the breakdown products from aspartame do not deposit in the hair - they deposit inside the body in your inner organs and in your brain.

Formaldehyde, just one of aspartame's by-products, is famous for its ability to deposit inside your body, which is why they use it to embalm the dead! And, aspartame DOES break down into formic acid and formaldehyde.

I can tell from the hair analysis if you have toxins inside you, other than aspartame, that may be depleting your nutrients. If they are present, they should be considered, too, because they combine with aspartame's toxins to create even more health symptoms and disease syndromes. If you use aspartame, the toxic by-products are there, even if they do not make it to the hair. And knowing what other toxins are present in you, gives me a very clear idea of all the toxic stress your body is under, and what nutrients need to be restored to rebalance your health. It also shows me what specific toxins you are currently exposed to, so you can remove their sources.

If toxic metals are not present, then I can see (by default) that the toxic source causing your health symptoms is aspartame. Aspartame is a primary toxin contributing to strong health reactions - enough to make you ill and take a trip to the doctor.

I have had so much experience with toxins, and with aspartame; I can read between the lines when aspartame is used.

Does this help?

Phenylalanine and Kids

Q: I was just curious about the effects of phenylalanine in kids who drink diet sodas. I've heard it's dangerous to give kids any aspartame at all. What is your take on it?

A: Well, this is the basis for my life work - informing the public about the dangers of aspartame. Yes, phenylalanine is toxic when in an isolated form, for any age. Children should never be given aspartame; I compare it to handing them a cigarette and a rum and cola.

A child may be PKU, or they may only have the PKU recessive gene and still react adversely to aspartame and isolated forms of phenylalanine.

Amino acids (and aspartame contains two, isolated amino acids) should be eaten in their natural forms, and that means they are in a combination of at least 8 amino acids together. Isolated forms are unnatural and harmful to the body; nature combines them - man splits them apart. Many researchers have proven the dangers of consuming amino acids when they are isolated, and I agree with their research conclusions.

Keep kids away from ALL food chemicals. They are not nutritious and will accumulate in their organs to harm them in their later years.

What If I Don't Have Enough Hair for a Hair Analysis

Q: I sent you my hair for a follow-up hair analysis, but I did not have enough hair. Now what do I do? I have a few questions and concerns as follows:

1. Is there an additional cost to send an additional sample in the future?
2. Sending an additional sample will not reflect the accuracy from the earlier sample, will it?

I really need to know if the Detox program is working for me. That is my biggest concern.

A: There is NO additional cost for anything we do. We will keep submitting your hair to the lab to add to the batch if it takes us 3 more tries - it is frustrating, I know, but there is no additional cost to you. The lab just adds the hair to the original sample!

I would continue to detox until you KNOW you are feeling the improvement you have set as your goal. Toxins can hide in dark, damp places, and sometimes, it takes time to dig them out. Where your health symptoms are focused is where the toxins most probably are. Can you locate those places more specifically now that you have been detoxing?

I say to never curse the darkness (well, actually, in Texas we say "never punch a skunk") - because all things happen for a good reason. Adding to your sample may give us a better profile over these next few months. It will give us some of your more recent readings, and this will be good to know.

Here are some ways to know if my Detox program is working for you: pay close attention to the subtle things - are you less sore? Are you sleeping better? Do you have extended periods of energy that were not there a year ago? These may seem insignificant, but they are huge leaps in the right direction. At least right now, we have you heading in the right direction!

And if the Detox process does not relieve your health symptoms, I guarantee it has removed phony symptoms that have masked the core issue. This will make it easier for a medical doctor to diagnose any issue that detoxing cannot remediate. So, in the long haul, you are in a win-win situation.

Remember, it takes 1/2 the time to reverse illness from the effects of toxins inside your body. So, if you have been accumulating toxins for 3 years, expect 18 months to restore your health.


Janet Hull

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