Practice What You Preach

Many people ask me what vitamins I take, myself. I think what they really want to know is - do I practice what I preach?


My mother was an excellent cook, and she made homemade meals (everything was from scratch), packed my lunch everyday for school (even when in high school when bringing your lunch was not cool), she limited my snacks, we never had junk food around the house, and we only had deserts and sweets available at holiday time. We ate on a strict schedule; we NEVER had soft drinks around except on very special occasions, and mom raised my sister and me on a very balanced diet. Even after I sat at the table alone, long after the dishes had been done, staring at the peas I refused to eat, mom never stopped putting vegetables on my plate no matter how much I protested. Mimi, you must be smiling down at me now because, 50 years later, I LOVE PEAS.

Even though I started out my life a picky eater, I have always eaten well. I am one of the lucky ones; I do not crave sweets. A candy bar offers me NO satisfaction, but a quality piece of chocolate cake, on occasion, is a real treat. Ice cream - nope. Chocolates - not interested. Offer me a piece of fresh fruit or a sweet pepper; well, now you have my attention.

When I almost died from aspartame in 1991, I was puzzled by my near-fatal illness because I had been healthy all my life. This is one reason I suspected foul play - something was amiss, and I wanted to find out what caused me to be so astonishingly ill. It was easy to isolate the aspartame because the only thing I had changed was I had begun using diet products one year prior to my hospitalization. When I healed myself, I did it by detoxing and restoring the depleted nutrients the aspartame had robbed from my body and from my immune system. I stopped using all food chemicals, returned to eating whole foods again, and I began taking vitamins on a regular basis.

I never stopped.

Since 1991, I still detox regularly, and I take my vitamins and minerals five times a week. Facing death will change your life, no doubt, but 18 years later, I feel great. I sleep at least eight hours every night (and in a deep sleep), I exercise every day, stay very active, I work long days, but I take time to relax, I enjoy my family and friends, and I love my life. But, I still detox regularly, and I take my vitamins and minerals five times a week.

I am constantly detoxing throughout the year. I alternate my detox programs, but at least twice a year I cleanse my colon with the Fiber Cleanse, feed my liver with the LiverTone, I take the French Green Clay (one bottle every three months), and twice a year, I do the parasite cleanse.

Five times every week after breakfast, I take:

  1. Four (4) Super Fuel capsules
  2. 150 mg B-Complex
  3. 150 mg Niacin
  4. Two (2) Antioxidant capsules
  5. Three (3) Detox C
  6. One (1) Hyaluronic Acid capsule
  7. 100 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid capsule
  8. 500 mg silica complex tablet
  9. A swig of George's® distilled aloe Vera juice

After dinner five times every week, I take:

  1. Four (4) Perfect Calcium capsules
  2. Two (2) Antioxidant capsules
  3. Two (2) more Detox C
  4. A swig of Trace Mineral Complex

If I feel a cold coming on, I increase my Detox C, and I typically chase it off. I also drink a gallon of water everyday, and I flavor it with World Organics ® peppermint flavored liquid chlorophyll.

So, I practice what I preach. Vitamin and mineral supplements are a wonderful addition to my lifestyle. They are my lifetime maintenance program to secure health and wellness. They will be a part of my daily routine forever.

Plus peas.

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