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Naturally Flavored Water

Q: Please, can you help me? I am looking for something I can put in water to make it taste a little better. At the moment, I drink a lot of water trying to do the right thing for my health, but I put in a product that I thought was good for me because it has no sugar in it - but it has aspartame in it and I suffer from MS. My niece sent me your web page, and I am in total shock to all the things I use that have this in it. I suffer from weight gain and loss of hair. My memory is dreadful, and I have lots of other bad signs, which you show in your web page. Please can you help?

A: Yes, I can help! We all use the peppermint liquid chlorophyll in our bottled water - oh, yum! Organic liquid chlorophyll supplements add nutrients and tastes great. Actually, we don't drink as much water when it is not added to the bottled water supply. We are all so used to it, now - it tastes great, makes water fun, and is soooooo healthy. But make sure to buy the peppermint-flavored form by World Organics. The regular type tastes OK, but it is not as refreshing. And kids love it, too!

The best in health.

The Safety Of Fructose

Q: Dr. Janet, thanks again for sharing with us your valuable articles. Your knowledge and clear descriptions of the threat of synthetic sweeteners have made me more alert to the ingredient content of beverages and general foods.

Nevertheless I wonder if fructose is safe for hypo or hyper glycemics, and if not, why not? What are safe dosages?

A: I prefer natural forms of natural sugars over any artificial sweeteners, but beware of how manufactured they are; meaning, how far away from their natural form have they been altered by man? If the form of fructose is close to the dried fruit itself, then it will not typically irritate the bowels, but if manufacturing has processed it too much, most forms of fructose will cause stomach aches and cramping, diarrhea and severe intestinal irritation. If it is used in the manufactured form, then use it sparingly.

Thank you for your kind comments on the newsletter, and I am so glad you subscribe to it.

Kind regards.

Parkinson's and Aspartame

Q: They say I have Parkinson's disease. Could this aspartame stuff be a factor?

A: Any time a disease is "diagnosed" and aspartame is used, it is always a possible cause of that disease. The way to know for sure is to remove ALL diet sweeteners and most ALL food chemicals, and typically the health symptoms disappear. Doctors call this "remission", but it is merely removing the cause of the symptoms. Before you permanently take medications that may or may not help you "cure" this health issue, remove the aspartame and see if those symptoms get better or completely disappear. This will not only save your body unnecessary stress and also allow it to heal, but it will save you lots and lots of money you would have spent on drugs.

Good luck!

- Janet Hull

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