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Q - Thanks for the info regarding pets. Something that concerns me though is the bit about garlic. Having recently read, that garlic should never be given to pets -Rense.com - ...I admit that this is a very new idea, but still worthy of consideration. Would like to hear your opinion?

A - Thanks for your email and comments. I really like Jeff Rense's site, and have been a guest on his radio show. Jeff puts out very informative stuff, and does check it out before he posts it. The purpose of both articles is to point out the fact that garlic can be good for your pets as a natural antibiotic when parasites (worms) are present, but no one should feed his or her pet garlic as a daily food additive if microbes are not an issue. Humans can eat larger amounts of garlic than most other animals. We tend not to overeat garlic because it is more of a spice. Pets typically do not eat garlic, other than seeking a natural means of cleansing from toxins. You can compare this to berries - some berries are considered poisonous for animals or birds, but they will eat small amounts if they have eaten something rancid in order to induce vomiting.

So garlic serves a medicinal purpose in animals, and is OK as a homeopathic medicine, but is something not to be given to an animal regularly. By the way, to make sure we made this point clear, we have revised our article - Healing Herbs for Pets, April 2007 Newsletter.

Q - I started to take the Perfect Calcium and remembered that on my hair analysis my calcium was quite high! Is the calcium something I shouldn't be taking? I've been following the directions on the bottle...3 capsules with breakfast and 2 with supper. Should I maybe decrease the dosage? I just want to make sure I'm not adding to the problem!

A - Unless you have been taking massive doses of a calcium supplement in the past that were driving your calcium levels too high, when I see calcium levels high on the hair report along with toxic metals present, it is common for the metals to reflect the calcium away from the bone so it never penetrates into the bone, and in turn goes right out of the body. Hum, do you think this is one source of the epidemic bone density issues in both men and women today? Yes, it is a factor that needs to be considered - toxins blocking bone health! Metals work inside the body the same way a lead shield prevents an x-ray from penetrating your body - they block the nutrients.

So, your need for a good calcium supplement is still there. By improving digestion and also including a calcium supplement that has the other bone nutrients with it, like strontium and boron, plus digestive aids to help get the calcium into the bone, the calcium has a better chance of reaching your bones and staying there. Keep detoxing to get the "metal blocks" out of the way, improving your digestion, and making sure to offer your bones more than just calcium. Through the Perfect Calcium and the Trace Minerals, your body has access to ALL the bone nutrients it needs to restore bone health.

Q - I drink 1-3 diet cokes a day. However, I know people who drink twice that much a day. I even knew someone who drank 8-12 diet cokes a day! Is there a "safe" amount of aspartame or phenylalanine to ingest? Would coffee be a better substitute (I drink diet coke for the caffeine)? What are safe energy drinks? Thank you.

A - No amount of aspartame is safe to use at all. No chemical sugars are healthy, but I do make an exception recommending saccharin if you must use a colored sweetener packet at the restaurant tabletop. If you crave a soft drink, then have a clear, regular one once a week as a treat. Otherwise, drink pure (un-sweetened) spring water throughout the day, every day. The products Vitamin Water and Fruit Water by the company that makes Smart Water (Glaceau at Vitamin Water) is a recommended drink to replace energy drinks and soft drinks. Chemically laden energy drinks can create nutrient imbalances over time, and they do have preservatives and many chemicals in them. Just drink water every day, all day.

Q - You state that your sister uses saccharin in her morning coffee -- It is my opinion that Stevia is the only sweetener that does not put toxins in your body. I am a graduate, B.S. in Natural Health and a Certificate of Family Herbals, from Clayton College. My studies included a paper on Stevia vs Artificial Sweeteners, and Stevia won hands down in all my research as the only safe sweetener, including sugar.

A - Thank you for your email. I, too, am a graduate from Clayton College. I recently spoke at their national health conference on the diet sweeteners and alternatives. I have written extensively in my newsletter articles (check the archives) and in my books on the various sweeteners.

Your confusion is a common reaction when I write that saccharin is a better choice if zipping open a colored sweetener packet. Yes, Stevia is a more natural choice, but the history of saccharin (in my Splenda book) shows it was never a carcinogen - cyclamate was the carcinogen in the 1960s studies - and the history of saccharin outlines 100+ years of use with no cancer results in humans. The warning has been lifted from pink packets.

I recommend using NO added sugars of any kind, but to be realistic and practical in this sweetener battle amid our very busy society, people will zip open a colored packet no matter what you say, as that's what is available everywhere. Therefore, especially for a diabetic, it is a healthy recommendation to use the pink packet, if they must use a colored packet, and they will. If Stevia was on public tabletops, that would certainly be the choice to make. But what do people do when it's not - that's the reality in this sweetener war.

Hope this helps clear the confusion. I think you might enjoy reading my books on both aspartame and Splenda. It will give you much information not commonly seen in America.

Good luck with your studies.

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