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To: Dr. Janet Hull
Subject: Manganese from welding

Q: At 26, I was working in California welding in a railroad maintenance yard. I was there for several years, paid $50 an hour (30 years ago) to weld with MANGANESE FLUX ROD .......helmet for the heat, gloves for heat, coveralls for any flying sparks, etc., BUT NO RESPIRATORY COVERING......nothing!

I had been there about three months when I began having angry fits, mentally abusive behavior with friends, family, co-workers...this was not my personality.

One day, the maintenance yard was closed down by OSHA....and to this day, I believe my tools are lying right where I left them. Everyone was let go; it was a sub-contracting firm for the railroad which went out of business.

I am 61 now, and when I was 58, my muscle mass began to disappear. I had loss of balance (which is TERRIBLE now), speech hesitation and slurring, memory loss and I became totally disabled.

I never drank or used drugs. I became a Semi-Truck Driver after that job until three years ago when I began to deteriorate.

Nexium (acid reflux)
Zyltec (cetrizine)
Levoxyl thyroid)
Cumadin for blood clotting

I have an agent in my blood that produces blood clots.

The prescriptions make me very, very sick, and I want to add natural herbs to my diet if I can to do a heavy metal detox.

Any ideas? Yikes, this is awful! I am eating parsley and a little handful of kelp capsules once a day, but maybe I should NOT be taking kelp? Two days into parsley & kelp, I feel better though, but that may be placebo.

Egads, this is ugly!

A: You can clean your blood inexpensively. You need pure niacin (not flush-free) from the KAL company or you can use my niacin, starting at 100 mg three times a day and increase 100 mg each day (3x each day) until you feel a "sizzle." Stay there for three days and then decrease by 100 mg. You can cleanse the toxins for your lifetime with pure niacin.

Then, get NOW brand powdered French Green Clay (it says it's for external use, but it's fine to consume), or my food-grade French Green Clay capsules to remove the manganese from deep tissue stores. You should drink the powdered form in a small bottle of water twice a day on an empty tummy. If you do this for as long as it takes, you can cleanse the manganese from your blood and organs. Stay patient and have faith you can cleanse your body of toxins!

To: Dr. Janet Hull
Subject: Well water
Q: I am hoping that you can help us. We are a family of six who purchased a home with well water two years ago. About seven months ago my family started to experience some joint problems. I was tested for arthritis and lupus etc., but my doctor could not find anything wrong. I went to a rheumatologist, and same thing there. Finally, I took a two-hour trip to Pittsburgh to visit a toxicologist, but he couldn't find the root of the problem either, even though I had extensive blood and urine tests performed. He stated that exposures to toxins were possible, but that they had been excreted and it would take up to a year for my family to recover.

Just yesterday I took my twelve year old to the doctor for swollen and tender Lingual and auxiliary lymph nodes. The toxicologist told us that showering in the water was safe, but now I am starting to feel apprehensive about that. So, I am wondering if a hair analysis test could help us determine what is going on? And whose hair would be best to send in? I have used Sun-In® on my hair, so even if I have been the one with the most symptoms, maybe another candidate would be better.

A: It would be a good idea to test your well water, and you can do that through local well service companies or call an agriculture lab in your area. The AG Extension Office should give you some names.

I would test one of the children, as they are good representatives because they have had less exposure to other toxins (other than what is of present concern).

The well may not be deep enough to resist groundwater runoff absorbing into it. Once upon a time, this well was pure, I'm sure. But as farmers spray and industries move upstream, when roads are constructed and gas stations built nearby, as well as housing developments, etc., shallow water wells become polluted. So sad - but it's reality.

You can investigate filters for the wellhead, too.

Again, try to get the well tested, and let's see what the family is absorbing through one of the kids' hair samples. Also consider having the well drilled deeper to tap into water underneath the ground shelf. This zone of water is immune to polluted run-off.

To: Dr. Janet Hull
Subject: CDC forming Morgellons task force

Q: I'm curious about something I read. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has launched an investigation into the skin condition called Morgellons Disease.

You can find the story at MySanAntonio.com/news.

Since a story about Morgellons first aired on KENS 5 Eyewitness News, the station has been inundated with e-mails and phone calls from the medical community and others who claim to have the symptoms described in the story. The story has received tens of thousands of page views on the MySanAntonio.com.

The story was how Les Coble of Pleasanton found out he was not alone.

"God, I'm not crazy, there are other people with this," Coble said.

Coble is covered with lesions and says he has the sensation of bugs crawling under his skin. People have claimed fibers actually pop out of their skin.

"When one of those fibers come out, you just gotta get it out of you," Coble said. "They're painful as anything."

The victims aren't the only ones who have seen the fibers. Ginger Savely has also seen the fibers. While working as a nurse practitioner in Austin, she has treated more than a hundred Morgellons patients.

"Little white fibers would come up and go down, come up and go down in the palm of his hand. I saw that myself," Savely said of Coble.

Coble also has another strange symptom of this condition, a black tarry substance that oozes out of the lesions.

"Black, black and it just stunk," Coble said.

He has seen nine doctors over five years. Like so many suffering from the condition, he was told it was all in his head.

Coble was actually diagnosed with delusional parasitosis, literally delusions of parasites in the skin.

The medical community does not recognize Morgellons. However, officials at CDC say they are taking Morgellons very seriously.

The CDC is forming a task force made up of "infectious and chronic disease experts, as well as environmental health and mental health doctors to investigate the condition known as Morgellons."

A: Duh, duh, and duh! How can medical doctors NOT look for a common denominator sourced to an environmental cause of the "mysterious" skin disease riveting through South Texas? Nothing happens without a cause, and obviously, an environmental toxin from a factory explosion, a train car spill, or a chemical fire, to site a few possibilities, are common sources these people more than likely have been exposed to. The toxins are trying to excrete from the skin, the body's largest organ and porous vehicle created to move inner toxins outside of the body.

Once the toxin creating this skin reaction has been identified, then an aggressive detoxification program is recommended to assist the body in eliminating the toxins. Niacin, vitamin B3, is the best tool to cleanse the blood and skin. I write about B3 in my 10-Step Detox Book and in the Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet. Its cleansing effects are proven.

Oh, corporate science and pharmaceutical medicine rides again to steer the public clear of the basics of nutrition and the real cause and effect of pollutants inside the human body.

Duh, duh, and duh, AMA. Let's hope the CDC figures this out for you.

To: Dr. Janet Hull
Subject: correct body pH
Q: Your main page says perfect pH is 6.4. You might want to get that corrected. It's the first line results in a Google search. I almost did not look at your site because of it.

A: This is correct - 6.4. In my professional opinion, perfect body pH IS 6.4 due to your body acids and waste byproducts. Blood pH is different. As we know, it remains at a higher pH (approximately 7.4), but the circulatory system is a closed system and not subject to the lactic acids, carbonic acids, uric acids, etc. and other waste products that circulate through the water stores of your body. If your body's water stores are too alkaline, then digestion can become impaired, toxins have more competition in which to excrete, and "sedimentation" of minerals begins to form inside your body, resulting in gall stones, kidney stones, and the like. I feel it is inaccurate to assume the body's fresh water stores are the same as fresh water bodies in the environment - a neutral 7.0 - or the same as the blood. They are not the same in my opinion.

Thanks for your feedback.

Good luck, and good health.

Dr. Janet Starr Hull

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