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To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Aspartame and pregnancy

Q: Comments: I am 6 months pregnant and have been drinking Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi ALMOST every day for the last couple of months. I just happened to look down at the bottom of my can and realized that it contains phenylalanine. I immediately did a GOOGLE search and found your website. I am worried now that I have perhaps caused some problems with my baby's health. This is the only form of aspartame that I have been exposed to - but I am worried about the consequences. Is there something that I can do to rid my body of this? Of course I am not going to drink this any longer, and I am definitely going to be more careful about checking the labels of things before I eat or drink them. What about things sweetened with Splenda? Are there health risks involved there, too? Thanks for your reply!

A: Thank you for your email, and as a mother myself; I do appreciate your concern. Lab studies have shown adverse fetal affects caused by aspartame, and if your doctor doesn't support caution using these types of food chemicals during pregnancy, then one day he may be facing liability for not staying on top of the conservative research behind all diet sweeteners. Treat aspartame like alcohol. You are doing the right thing to stay away from all chemicals when pregnant. Look at it this way - do not eat or drink anything you would not give your baby in a bottle!! No diet drinks of any form - I caution against Splenda or any sugar-free products at all!! (Go to http://www.splendaexposed.com for Splenda info.)

Drink pure bottled water and fresh juices from now on take your organic pre-natal vitamins and eat whole foods, and you will be providing your baby with the best. It appears as if you have caught this in time, but make sure to keep the baby off meds like popular children's pain relievers and flashy children's vitamins, which over the past twenty years have had aspartame in them. And research infant inoculations, so not to chance any chemical reactions there.

Take care, and let me know how baby and mother are!!


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: B-complex

Q: I take a B-complex supplement. Is that cool to be taking along with the niacin? I would believe that it would be, but just checking.

A: Oh, yes. I am a firm believer in having a B-50 or B-100 complex on hand four to five times a week. The B vitamins are really critical to balance health, especially for hormone health, heart health, and digestion. B-complex has some niacin in it, but a low grade of extra niacin to keep blood toxins in check is also very good for the blood. Just make sure it is not time-released, as that is toxic to the liver.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Aspartame and my liver

Q: I kept having pain in my liver and spleen. The doctor sent me for an ultrasound and said that my spleen was slightly enlarged and my liver, fatty. I have Hep. C and they found that I also have diabetes now. I stopped the Yoplait light fat-free yogurt that I was eating three times a day, and the pain stopped within days. I can tell my swollen liver and spleen have gone down in size. My CDE told me there wasn't any problem with aspartame as a sweetener or in diabetic food!

A: If your body is already compromised due to another health issue, the aspartame (and all food toxins) will place more stress on your immune system. Your body's job is to heal itself, and when it has to fight off toxins on top of illness, it puts a stress on your body that it may not be able to withstand. Hence, more illness and no wellness.


Q: I have pain all over my body in muscles and joints; tendons act like they are strung too tight in my left leg and right forearm, still.

A: This could be a toxin built up in the blood and muscles due to a toxic liver. A hair analysis will show us what toxins your body is burdened with, and the detox, of course, will help cleanse the toxins away. Go to my website for info on the hair analysis. Instead of guessing, let's try to determine specifically what toxins your body is burdened with.


Q: Can I get your book at Borders or Barnes and Noble? Is there anything that I can tell my doctor to get them to check me for Fibromyalgia?

A: Medical doctors are either open to the causes of disease or they are not. It sounds as if your doctor refuses to accept a reason for your health concerns, but merely supports costly meds to keep you addicted to the "system". Harsh words, but I tire of seeing people victim to a medical professional that refuses to be open-minded scientists and healers. I was one of those victims! Give up on him and find another doctor who will work with you and not belittle your intelligence. There is nothing wrong with "firing" your doctor and searching for
one who will work WITH you. There are some wonderful doctors out there, and there are some that are not.

Yes, Sweet Poison is available at the major bookstores (they can order from the warehouse if they are out of stock), and you can get a good deal on Amazon.com.


Q: How does the detox work and how long does it take to get this junk out of my system? I eat eggs and dairy and never had a problem, but stopping this is a killer. Thank you in advance for reading my letter.

A: Go to www.detoxprogram.net and read how the detox program works. You would also enjoy the detox book I have written explaining the program, and I have included lots of info on general nutrition.

Let us know if we can be of future help to you. Take charge of your healing, and use the doctors as an aide to your efforts. Find a doctor who will work with you. You can do this, as so many people have once they took their power back!!


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Aspartame addiction

Q: Is aspartame addictive? I've tried coming off diet coke but after 2-3 days I get nauseated, feel sick, weak, light-headed. These symptoms go away if I go back on diet coke! I feel like I'm having withdrawal symptoms. What do I do about this? How can I counteract this?

A: Yes, aspartame is addictive for both psychological and physiological reasons. If you feel better after a diet cola, then you are addicted! You must relearn that real food will not make you fat - the processed fake foods will! And your body is starving, waiting for the real food to come. Feeding it fake chemicals all day long keeps the body in neutral with the engines running. But when no fuel comes in to feed it, it keeps your insulin levels high (and insulin makes you gain weight) and eventually, you gain weight due to fat storage of the actual foods you finally eat.

Drink water from a bottle all day long, exercise on a regular basis, and eat smaller whole food meals throughout the day. This will help.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Why is body pH 6.4?

Q: I thought perfect body pH was 7.4? You say it is 6.4. Is this a typo?

A: I come from an environmental standpoint concerning pH. In the body, I differentiate between fresh water pH, blood pH, and body fluid pH. Due to the body's acids, digested and undigested foods, etc. in the excreted water stores of your body, acceptable pH for the water (only) is slightly more acid averaging 6.4. Intestinal bacteria and yeast, for example, proliferate at an alkaline pH while waiting for excretion, and that seems logically backwards, too. But, if we have the body's water stores as alkaline as the blood, we then begin precipitation, leeching, dehydration and sedimentation; then "stones" form, arterial deposition, etc.

So, this is correct for the body's water stores, in my professional opinion - an average of 6.4 for both saliva and urine. Your blood should remain 7.4 pH.


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