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-Policosanol is a natural substance found in citrus peels, and studies show that policosanol lowers cholesterol. Policosanol also thins your blood, which can prevent blood clotting.

-Tel-Aviv University in Israel has examined a potential link between the distribution of body fat and the risk of stroke. During the 1960s, Tel-Aviv researchers recruited more than 9,000 male subjects over the age of 40 who were free of cardiovascular disease. Distribution of body fat was determined by comparing two measurements for each subject: skin fold thickness in the abdomen and skin fold thickness of the triceps. These measurements provided a ratio for trunk versus peripheral distribution of fat. Over a 23-year follow up period, 316 subjects died of stroke. Researchers found that subjects with the highest ratio of trunk versus peripheral fat (excessive abdominal fat) were found to be one and a half times more likely to have a stroke compared to subjects with the lowest ratio.

-Chlorine destroys oxygen.

-A Hermit Crab's blood is blue because it has copper in its blood instead of iron.

-Drinking two glasses of clear Gatorade® can quickly relieve headache pain. Its electrolytes speed to the brain and relax the blood pathways, relieving stress on the blood vessels.

-A rainy day cure for "wet" dog odor: the next time your dog comes in from the rain, simply wipe it down with a dryer sheet, instantly making your dog smell "springtime" fresh.

-Research shows that he venom from the scorpion, bee, and Gila monster may be a cure for MS (Multiple Sclerosis). The scorpion can set its defenses either to "stun" or to "kill", and when set to stun, can be milked for its medicinal


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