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To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Quackwatch and hair analysis credibility

Q: I heard about hair analysis a few weeks ago on German television (I am Croatian, multilingual, live in Italy). The idea was so convincing that I decided I would have it done in Germany in a couple of months both for my mother and me. That is why I decided not to have a blood test done for food intolerance, because I figured that this is a better way.

My problem now is the following: a very good American friend of mine, who lives between New York and Rome, showed interest in this topic when I told him about it yesterday. Since he does not have much time, I told him I would look for an address for him to have the hair analysis done in the US. I did a search on Google; your link was the second one, but the first one:
http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/hair.html rather discouraged me. It says that hair analysis is not an accurate method because laboratory results of same samples vary, that it is not dependable, many examples are given, like the one with the young people exposed, for two years to toxic fumes which did not show in the hair analysis.

A: Thanks for your email. I am asked this question often, and I am saddened at the answer I always give: The Quackwatch site 'should' be a good thing, but it has done more harm than good in the information I have seen on the site, such as stating nothing is wrong with aspartame and the hair analysis is not valid. In my opinion, the Quackwatch site must be pay-rolled by the big businesses that stand to lose millions of dollars if people choose alternative health routes. Think of all the dollars lost if people stopped MRIs, CAT scans, blood tests, and stopped the dependency on medications! So, I do not respect the opinions stated on the Quackwatch site.

As an engineer (check my bio on www.janethull.com), I depend on soil and water analyses to determine the source of toxic pollutants present in the environment. I have applied this very natural protocol to the human body, as I did when I cured my own disease. The hair analysis is the best tool to use in determining chronic toxic conditions - a history of toxins and nutrient depletions. Blood and urine are acute analyses - within 48 hours of the response. Also, hair analyses are the 'final word' in a court of law as to "cause of death." An autopsy depends on the hair protein analysis results to determine cause of death, so if it is legally respected in a court of law for the dead, then why is not respected in the living as a marker of toxins?

So, I feel the Quackwatch site is just that - quackery!

I hope I can be of help to your friend. The hair analysis and my experience interpreting them have benefited many people. Follow your instincts when using alternative medicine, as the "system" is fighting us hard!!

Wishing you both all the best.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: weight loss with aspartame

Q: I just started a calorie controlled weight loss program. I have been drinking a generic version of Crystal Lite and Arizona Green Tea with Ginsing. I drink 2 quarts per day to help me get plenty of water with a little flavor. I did notice weird heartbeats and severe menstrual cramps. Am I putting myself at risk for major health problems? I also walk 3 miles, 6 days a week. I would like to loose about 80 pounds. Please help. I already have migraines.

A: I would stop the chemical products, for sure. Losing weight is one thing, but creating more problems as a result of weight loss is another issue. Try to lose weight in a permanent, healthy way - exercise more than you eat, don't eat after 5:00 PM, and drink lots of water and fresh juice.

Do your body a favor, and stop ALL chemical products promising quick fixes. There is always a catch if it's not natural.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: mercury poisoning

Q: My son has ADD. He was tested and diagnosed about 1 and half years ago. He currently sees a neurologist. He had been taking Concerta with good results however; he is unable to take the dose/strength he needs because it is causing him to have some bad side affects (ticks). When we stop the medication, the side affects go away. I am currently considering herbal/vitamin alternatives. Someone I know gave me supplements that they have said might help him. The company name is Wellness International Network, Ltd. There are two packages of supplements that he would take in the morning mixed with a drink: 1) Food for Thought and 2) Winrgy. I'm currently researching the contents and realized that it contains 570mg of phenylalanine. What are your thoughts about using these supplements? My son is 11 years old.

A: Did he ever use aspartame or could he be getting into it from other sources than the medication? Also, make sure he isn't using MSG, food colorings, and minimize his preservatives. Basically, put him on a whole food, raw-fresh food diet.

There is a difference between natural amino acids from rice or other food protein, and the amino acid made in the laboratory from chemicals. But, I warn against isolated amino acids because they are meant to be eaten in a combination of at least eight, otherwise they do not get their signals straight in the brain. Isolated aminos, according to MIT brain researchers, can create more harm than good if you do not use a complex.

So, long story short, is the phenylalanine natural or man-made? This will make a difference. If natural from rice protein and also with seven other aminos in the product, then it's OK. If it is from a laboratory, I would avoid it.

I would suggest having a hair analysis done on him, as he may have specific deficiencies, such as lithium or magnesium that should be addressed to his benefit. Then, I can recommend some specific supplements for him without shooting in the dark, as they say in Texas. Best not to guess with this and know for sure what he needs. I can recommend many good supplements out there, but I do not know until I have some data what to base my advise on, whether he would need any of these supplements or which ones.

Let me know if I can be of further help to your son. I really enjoy working with children. They are our future, no doubt, but live in such a polluted world, they have it rougher then we did!!

All the best.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Different forms of niacin

Q: There are several different forms of Niacin. Please tell me the actual chemical name of the one you are recommending.

A: Very good question. It is Niacin Hexanicotinate derived directly from the B-Complex. Yes, there are several different forms you see today, in particular nicotinic acid.

I believe the KAL brand, and webND.com have the pure form that I recommend.

The common "flush-free" niacin has been altered in the lab to NOT process immediately so you don't have the "flushing." But that's how you know how much your body requires, plus when niacin sits in the liver as processed to do via the "flush-free" form, it can become toxic to the liver and elevate liver enzymes.

Let me know if you have more questions. Glad to help.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Lead poisoning in your three year old

Q: Hello. My name is Jillian and I am just wondering if I could ask you a general question? My Son is 2 years old and I had him tested for lead last year. He had a certain lead level and the WIC office is where I got it done. The doctor says a certain amount of lead is fine. I wasn't sure if that was okay or not. So I wanted to know if you could consume a certain amount of lead in your body? I've seen it in some Foods, so I don't really understand the whole concept.

My son goes to a neurologist for his seizures and had a MRI done and his doctor found a benign Venus Angioma on his Brain. But he says it is not the reason he is having his seizures. He will be 3 years old this October and cannot even put one word together, let alone two. We think he has a sudden type of hearing loss. So he is going through a lot of testing. I was just curious as what amount in his body of the lead level is acceptable. Could be the cause of his seizures?

A: My first thoughts are his inoculations as the source of the lead. Then, search your environment; lead pipes, paint, etc. Then scrutinize his diet and yours during pregnancy - exposure to you would have affected him.

Lead is not a nutrient, but is found in natural sources in a small degree such as well or spring water. Organic forms should be in small doses so not to overwhelm the body. But, manufactured lead is not acceptable to the body and can accumulate to the point of disease. His age and lead levels are not natural; therefore, I would act aggressively to detox him of the metal, question the quality of his inoculations, and search the environment.

I would detox him and let the doctor know you are researching why this has happened.

I hope this is of some help to you. Wishing you both the best.


To: Dr. Janet Starr Hull
Subject: Food grade French Green Clay

Q: I have been doing one cleansing regimen or another since Nov. last year (somewhat ineffective one's I think though) in an attempt to clean out system from 2 years worth of aspartame consumption, 16 years of fairly heavy caffeine consumption, 17 years worth of Haloperidol medication (daily small doses to treat a case of Tourette's Syndrome -- stopped taking this when I gave up caffeine as my tics mostly subsided), as well as a fair amount of recreational fun in college. For about 7 weeks now I've been on the regimen that you recommend on "Sweet Poison" as I thought it might be more effective than the other "detoxes" I have tried.

A: Let me know if you notice a difference in effectiveness. I always like to know if the program is successful.

Q: The question I had was concerning French Green Clay. I had been using Bentonite since Nov. and originally had some trouble locating a place to purchase FGC. When I switched to your regimen 7 weeks ago I was fortunately able to locate an online natural health provider (Mntn. Rose Herbs) that had FGC available. I must say when I switched over to it from Bentonite, it was a bit of a shock and I had to steel myself against the increased effects of the faster detox the clay provided.

The clay I've been using comes in fine milled form in a tightly sealed, thick, non-transparent plastic pouch. The thing that threw me off is that the clay is recommended for facial masks and says for "cosmetic use only". That said, it is 100% pure, "very green" FGC with no additives and seems to be working very well. Need I be concerned with the "cosmetic use only" label?

P.S. At the time I figured that since FGC is not known in the U.S as a detox agent that the label need not worry me.

A: You have good intuitive reasoning that matches mine. Yes to both questions above. The FGC is a much more effective chelating agent, plus it does not "caste" as the bentonite clay does, so not to plug the bowels if not enough water is taken in.

The FGC that is "pure" is indeed "pure" but the concern of the manufacturers who label it for external use only is the fact that is contains organic aluminum, and that is taboo these days. We get organic aluminum in natural spring water and rooted veggies, so I personally am not too concerned. But, it is to be respected that the vitamin manufacturers are concerned.

My feelings are that it is safe but it may be best to go with a purified grade FGC. The only source is through a company that works directly with me. It comes in capsule or powder form. I prefer the
powdered form, as you get more into the system quicker.

Let me know if you have more questions.

All the best in health,

Janet Hull

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