Can Natural Cleanses Make Health Symptoms Worse?

Nutritional detox programs and natural cleanses can make health symptoms worse, but that's a good sign they are working! I know it seems backward, but when detoxing, it is a positive sign to experience an initial increase in symptoms because the body is excreting whatever toxin it is reacting to, or will possibly react to in the future.

Nature provides a natural mechanism for the body to "rid" itself of toxins, such as throwing-up when you have eaten something rotten, sneezing when an allergen has gotten inside the nose, or experiencing an immediate headache when an unwanted toxin has penetrated the brain. But now a days, human beings and other animals are internally 'building-up' with very toxic metals, manufactured food chemicals, noxious pharmaceuticals, and resistant microorganisms the body cannot get rid of on its own.

An increase in health symptoms is more than likely a positive sign that the body is successfully responding to a detox or cleanse; so don't panic, as many people perceive this response as bad. If toxins are present in the colon, let's say, and you begin a thirty-day colon cleanse, you should expect some cramping, bloating, alternate constipation and diarrhea. How else are nasty, rancid toxins going to come out of the body? They exit with a malevolent turnout because they had a malicious presence inside your body. Garbage in - garbage out, they say.

So, if you experience what others might perceive as a negative reaction to a detox or cleanse, celebrate your body's success in responding to some good housecleaning. Toxins that have remained inside you for more than twenty-four hours need to be removed as soon as possible, and when they are excreted, you can actually see their rancidity. It may seem touch-and-go for a few days or a few weeks, but when the toxins have been removed from your body, your body will rebound with cleaner tissues, purer blood, a pH balanced urine, healthy hormones, and unblemished nerve endings.

I have a client in Africa who is currently experiencing a rough reaction to his 10 Step Detox Program. His hair analysis showed toxic levels of several very heavy metals such as thorium, thallium, lead, cadmium, aluminum, and mercury. At the young age of thirty-two, he had been experiencing numbness in his legs and severe unannounced body pains. Several days after he began the nutritional detox, he reported feeling a "sucking" sensation coming from the inside of his legs and arms. No doubt, he couldn't express how "weird" this felt. A few days after this, he reported his urine had turned dark, almost black.

What he was experiencing was the removal of the heavy metals from the parts of his body (the legs) in which the toxins deposited. As they were expelled from his body through the kidneys, he actually saw with his human eyes the toxic metals in his urine. I celebrate his success in removing these heavy metals from his body, and encourage him to smile with appreciation as he watches them swirl down the toilet.

Another client was experiencing a spread of warts on his hands. He had contracted a microorganism from his workplace, and it was taking-off along his hands and fingers. He started the detox program and also added a homeopathic topical cream to his cleansing program. He reported within two days that the warts were spreading even more. "Are they popping up where you are adding the cream?" I asked. "Yes," he replied, " It's as if something is pulling them out of me, but they are everywhere now."

I reminded him that the microbe originally causing the warts was located in more places than he could see. The warts were the response to the presence of the toxin, but the toxin had "seeds" in other parts of his hands. The detox was pulling those seeds to the surface, and as they exited his body, he was witnessing what would have manifested into warts at a later date and time.

Some common responses to detoxification protocols may be:

* Headaches - toxins pulling from inside the brain (usually from food chemicals, pesticides, polluted environments, over-medication)

* Skin rashes - toxins just beneath the skin (blood toxins; body products that have absorbed below the skin's surface; microorganisms)

* Constipation - a collection of toxins that have accumulated in the lower intestinal tract due to detoxing at a higher rate than excretion; dehydration; lack of natural oils and fats (increase water intake, digestive enzymes, fish or seed oils, and vitamin C until a loose bowel occurs)

* Diarrhea - toxins that merely need a "boost" to excrete; microorganisms that cannot live in a cleansing environment; imbalance of nutrients

* Flu-like symptoms - the pulling of toxins from the entire body; toxins excreting through the urine, bowels, and blood (via the skin) at the same time

* Malaise - toxins exiting the body can sometimes be compared to a short-term illness; get plenty of rest; be patient; maintain faith, and allow your body to "recover"

If the magnitude of your health symptoms increases during a detox program or cleanse, then your body may be responding to the "housecleaning" in a positive manner to rid itself of the toxin(s) creating the symptoms in the first place. Adverse symptoms should last no longer than a few weeks at the most.

So, unless it is an emergency situation, ride the 'storm' as you detox your body. Let the toxins hidden within you come to the surface, be exposed to the light of day, and then be eliminated forever. You might be shocked at what they look or smell like, but celebrate removing those nasty buggers from your body!!

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