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Monsanto Presents: Big Ag 101
Dr. Hull, have you seen these two article links?

1. Big Ag and Monsanto take over research universities and turn them into pro-industry propaganda machines:


2. Monsanto Presents: Big Ag 101 - Playing at a Campus Near You - Food Integrity Campaign:


A: Oh gosh - thank you for sending this to me. Whenever you mention Monsanto + University Agriculture and Environmental Science departments all in one sentence - that spells trouble!

I would probably label that as a bribe, but the universities are allowing it and are selling their ethics out to the big corps. That is the biggest issue - can't anyone say "no" to the need for greed? Money - it's all for money. Not for quality education. Not for ethical education. Not for integrity. And students figure this out, believe me....and when they do - and are told to be "quiet" about it - well, the university just taught, and confirmed, their true level of integrity. That's a sad lesson to learn, and how disappointing for that university....they aren't what they seem, eh? So, it's up to the university to say "no." The better universities will do this, hopefully.

Reselling Old Food
I've heard that in order to save money, some corporations are repackaging older food into new packaging and reselling it. Is this true?

A: Sadly, it appears this is being allowed. The Activist Post had an article about this. Go to this link: FDA Allows Corporations To 'Recondition' Old Food and read their research.

This is disgusting, don't you think? Are the corporations so desperate in today's world that they have to squeeze every penny out of consumers to line their pockets at any cost? And find the latest scams concerning school lunches. Ah, don't get me started about that. It's sad, so sad what's happening to public food....but, we're figuring out these new problems before too much damage is done!

More About the Earth Expansion Theory
After listening to your radio program, I thought I would forward some links to add some interesting information. I think that you would really want to read these.



A: Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. Thank goodness for the Internet making it possible to keep the truth and needed information public. I am amazed that this basic science is so hard to access, and that people are not being taught any of this. To me, controlling the information and science behind Earth changes and Nature's cycles is an over-the-top manipulation. Good golly, the masses are not slaves to the rulers - it is time we realize this, and stand up and defend our birthrights on this planet. It's time we start respecting and taking care of the Earth before it's too late for humanity's healthy survival. We CAN prevent an apocalypse - we can. We are just being kept from doing it because "someone" will lose his or her dominant cash flow.

Good gads, it is time for some changes - they are long overdue, really.

Gum Almost Killed Me
I thought gums were completely safe and approved by the FDA as safe for children, as well. My gum almost killed me. Is there something we can do about this, legally?

A: Isn't this a shame that they put aspartame and the other toxic chemical sweeteners in ALL gum and do not label them as sugar-free? Yep, the millions of children chewing these gums, and the moms thinking it is better for their children, is a real crime, I think. The corps KNOW these gums are unhealthy, and they know these diet chemicals have been proven as carcinogens. How can they sleep at night? I guess they "assume" there is a smaller amount in gum, so no harm can come from that, right? Wrong. With all our freedom and technology in America, I can't understand how these companies get by with such blatant deceptions.

Well, as long as people buy this junk, they'll keep selling it with a grin on their faces as they drive to their bank to make a deposit.

I am glad that you figured this one out, and are now on your way to health! Keep spreading the word.

The best in health,

- Janet Hull

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