Wellness - A Journey Of The Spirit

Many of you have faced death due to illness. I have. Understanding my near-death experience seeded the work that I do now. Learning how to stand up to the fear of the unknown made me stronger in mind, body, and spirit. Learning why I was ill gave me insights on how to restore my health, and how to help others do the same for themselves.

When diagnosed with an illness, there is nothing for you to go back and live over, and nothing to regret. Every part of your life has unfolded just the way it should because, now, you know so much more than you did when you were first blindsided with a life-threatening diagnosis. Keep on learning as you focus on wellness, keep getting stronger in spirit, and keep reaching for wellness from deep within your heart and soul.

Illness is a teacher showing us how to be wiser and much - much - more spiritually aware. Illness reminds us that we can't stay stagnant amid the dynamics of life; changes are inevitable. Sometimes illness is merely a personal "wake up call", and once you awaken to old habits or antiquated ways of looking at your life, this awareness is all it takes to turn illness into wellness.

The first thing to do when diagnosed with an illness is to find the cause, and once you begin looking for it, you'll be amazed at the epiphanies that come forth.

When I was first told that I had a life-threatening disease and that I could die, I started on a journey that made me stronger, wiser, more appreciative and understanding, and healthier. I searched for WHY I was deathly ill, and when I found the cause - aspartame - I removed it from my life and I immediately started getting well.

When I detoxed my body, I got even healthier. I started taking quality vitamins and minerals and eating only whole foods - real foods - and drinking only natural liquids. Within a month, I cured myself. The medical profession is reticent about using the word cure, but , personally, YOU can say the word because technically, no one can cure you, but YOU.

People can make themselves sick, you know, so if we have that kind of power over our bodies, we can also make ourselves well. Have you ever heard the expression don't worry yourself to death? Think about it.

Toxins also make you sick. When your body absorbs toxins from unnatural chemicals in your food, drinks, medicines, and the environment, then Detox and remove the toxins. Give your body only natural and quality "nutrients" to eat and drink, and keep a positive attitude about what's ahead. This is disease prevention at its finest.

Don't make things worse by creating an even stronger state of illness in your mind. Realize that you can do something positive about this unexpected challenge by removing its cause and learning how to recover. I am speaking from experience.

Go forth in faith and find your joy, and just get on with it. I did. You can, too!

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