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Isolated Amino Acids and Holy Basil

Q: Dear Dr. Hull! This is a very, very helpful website. Thanks a lot! I learned about children with ADHD, but I still cannot make a decision for my son about taking Neu-Becalm'd because of D-L Phenylalanine. Is it safe to take it? I know now I will never give him medication, but how about Neu-Becalm'd? Can I at least try? I want so much to get your advice! Thank you in advance!

A: I learned from the research scientists testing aspartame that isolated amino acids are very dangerous, yes. If you give him anything with only one amino acid or less than eight amino acids, then at the same time also give him an essential amino acid complex with at least eight amino acids together. This is a natural form of amino acids that nature uses for brain fuel and healthy protein assimilation. This will be safe and will help him, too.

Holy Basil is great for relaxing and is very natural and safe for any age. Have him take one when he gets wound up. Then feed him more often - anytime you see his behavior begin to get aggressive, give him a healthy snack. Active children burn their fuel at a high rate, so feeding him whenever he is hungry or when you see his blood sugar begin to drop and his behavior begin to change - FEED him!

Fibromyalgia (FBM)

Q: Dr Hull-- I read your info concerning the connection with FBM & CFS and Aspartame poisoning...Is it your conclusion as a professional that all FBM pain is caused from aspartame poisoning? I do not ingest the stuff myself, or any of its derivatives, but I have suffered from FBM since I was 18 years old and I am now 42 yrs old. What is your opinion on this? I would be curious and appreciative to hear what you have to say.

A: Many toxins can be at the root of Fibro, CFS or even MS symptoms. Heavy metals can create a toxic burden in the myalgia of the muscle and create FBM; copper imbalances and heavy metals plus a deficiency in many essential nutrients can create symptoms. Aspartame is so prolific, people eat and drink so much of it every day and because it is a common source of FBM, it is one that gets a lot of attention.

Just know that FBM and CFS, and even some diagnoses of MS, don't appear out of nowhere and for no reason - something is causing toxicity in the muscle, and discovering what this toxin(s) is and removing it is a way to relieve the FBM, the pain and future suffering.

Have you considered having a hair analysis done to determine the cause of this? It eliminates any guessing of what the toxic source may be.

Getting Off the Aspartame Train

Q: I am 64 years old. I have depression, diabetes, neuropathy, Parkinson's, 5'10" & 270 lbs/obese, and I drink and use aspartame like it is going out of style. I want off this train, I think this is the first step. Do I just jump off, cold turkey?

A: Yes, you get off the train ASAP - a poison is a poison is a poison! BUT, you are going about this the right way - carefully. Replace the aspartame with something healthy (like Stevia), and as you remove the toxins and replace those "spaces" with healthy nutrients immediately, your body will begin to recover and restore the damage quicker. It's like watering a dying plant with mineral water! It pops right back.

You may have some strong withdrawal reactions, but ride through this and you will notice that your Parkinson's should improve. This is a promising statement, but just watch!

The best in health,

- Janet Hull

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