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For many of us, along with allergies come fire ants. So, instead of recipes this month we have REMEDIES for allergies and fire ant bites.


An effective way to remove toxins from the sinus cavity is to snuff salt water up each nostril several times a day, and flush your eyes with a mild saline solution.

Mix 1 TEASPOON sea salt in 1-cup warm water. Dissolve, and sniff into one nostril at a time. This can be compared to taking a dunk in the ocean waves. It will result in a flushing of the nose, and may drain into the throat to also remove toxins at the back of the mouth.

It is safe to flush your eyes with this solution to cleanse the eye, and is no different than swimming in the ocean and getting salt water in the eye. This helps with constant dry-eye, also.

Do this as often as needed to remove toxins, allergens, and other microbes.

Simply Saline® in the spray bottle is an effective alternative, but is not 100% natural as is pure sea salt dissolved in water.

Blow your nose regularly, and take an extra digestive enzyme during this seasonal time because allergens from pollen are proteins. The natural enzymes will help digest them so they can be excreted.


The fire ant's venom differs from bee and wasp venom in that it has a protein base. More than 90% of fire ant venom is water-insoluble and contains hemolytic factors. These hemolytic factors release histamine, which causes a sterile pustule at the sting site. The following remedies work best when applied immediately.

  • Immediately dab with chlorine bleach.

  • Immediately cleanse the area, then apply a paste made from water and either meat tenderizer (MSG), salt, or crushed aspirin (if applying to a bite on a child, supervise carefully).

  • Immediately cleanse the area, then rub with a fresh slice of onion.

  • Immediately dab with hydrogen peroxide.

  • Immediately cleanse the area, then apply aloe gel.

  • Immediately cleanse the area, then apply Arnica Gel.

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