Chemical Toxicity: The Mounting Debt Our Bodies Will Pay

There is a subtle increase of more and more chemical toxins into our food supply from pesticides to hormones to steroids to antibiotics to preservatives to dyes, and now to fake sugars.

During a 1990 conference in Brussels, Tate & Lyle's (creator of sucralose found in Splenda®) vice chair of the International Sweetener's Association (ISA) Public Relation's Committee Lesley Yeoman stated, "Industry itself would like to see fewer regulations. We can't avoid the fact that sweeteners are classed as additives and regulated heavily. But the ISA's position is that this is unnecessary."

Richard Wurtman, MD, Director of Neuroscience at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), stated as early as 1987, " Aspartame is a synthetic compound. We should not try to imply that synthetic compounds have the same fate in the body as naturally occurring foods. The advertising is deceptive."

With the onslaught of illness and disease syndromes plaguing our modern world today, I'd say Dr. Wurtman has been proven right over Ms. Yoeman.

The buildup of toxic chemicals in our environment, foods, and medicines has greatly challenged the human body's ability to rid itself of toxins. Symptoms related to chemical toxicity vary from person to person as each person's body is different, but one common symptom of toxicity is the breakdown of the human immune system. This reaction opens the gateway for various diseases in the human body. The toxic chemicals found in artificial sweeteners can damage the nervous system, followed by anxiety, depression, increased nervousness and phobias, blood disorders, and hormone dysfunction.

Knowledge is power. As an educated consumer, you have control over what you choose to eat and drink. Man-made food chemicals and the artificial sweeteners can harm your health, so why take a chance? Always remember to read the labels on everything that you buy to eat, drink, take as OTC and prescribed medicines, and put on your body. Detox at least once every year to deep clean your body of unknown toxins. Have a hair analysis done every year or two to see what unknown toxins may be accumulating in your body. Get plenty of sleep every night, rest when you are tired, drink water all day, every day, and enjoy a few minutes of sunshine as often as you can.

Get back to the basics because it feels good to feel good.

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