Artificial Sweeteners Are Just - Artificial

Before you tear open that little colored packet of artificial sweetener and stir it into your coffee or tea, there's something you need to know.

Marketing experts have packaged the artificial sweeteners very attractively and seductively, but artificial sweeteners have been proven to be harmful to your health, and their common side effects are weight gain, diabetes, emotional disturbances, sexual dysfunction, birth defects, and deadly degenerative diseases.

Artificial sweeteners are a mix of chemical compounds created in a laboratory that are unnatural to eat, and they were never meant to enter your body. Basically, these chemical compounds either accumulate in your vital organs causing serious damage later, pollute your bloodstream causing serious damage later, or cause eventual mutations of your cells causing serious damage later . Anytime you put something into your body this unnatural, your body's immune system will attack it and harmful reactions occur. Actually, this is what your body's immune system was created to do - attack foreign bodies. The solution to long-term health is to stop putting toxins into your body.

Here's a tip to selecting a "safe" sweetener: whatever nature creates as sweetness is usually nontoxic for your body, but whatever man creates and twists together in a laboratory beaker as sweetness is typically toxic to your body and not accepted as safe, healthy, or natural. This toxicity can result in serious health symptoms and chronic illness; especially if you put toxic chemicals inside of you every day, all day, and in large amounts. Our bodies are miraculous machines created to operate today just as they did thousands of years ago. Our bodies have not "changed" with human technology, and we certainly shouldn't eat technology! Our bodies don't "understand" manmade chemical compounds and cannot healthily process them. Forcing "foreign" materials into your body is like pouring bleach into your car's gas tank: it wasn't meant to process it, so the engine stalls and eventually stops working.

It's time to admit that there is no free ticket to eating all the sugar-free products you desire - you will pay a high price and harm your body in the long run. The "technology of foods" (artificial sweeteners and manmade foods) has taken us too far down the wrong road, and they will not secure eternal health, beauty, slimness, or youth, as the advertisers would like us to believe. Laboratory chemical compounds are not the answer.

Today, we survive on one of the most unnatural diets known to mankind. Cancer rates and cardiovascular disease in the United States are among the highest in the world, and our association with medical doctors represents the third leading cause of death in the United States; caused by unnecessary surgeries, medication errors in hospitals, infections in hospitals, and from the negative effects of synthetic drugs and pharmaceuticals.

There are over 70,000 chemicals used in commercial production in the United States today. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified 65,000 of them as potentially hazardous to human health. Over 6,000 new chemical compounds are tested every week, and more than 14,000 chemicals found in these manufactured compounds have been approved to be used in our public food supply. Over 700 chemicals are added to public drinking water, and more than 10,000 chemicals are used for the purposes of food processing and shelf life storage. Some of the most dangerous chemical compounds are found in the artificial sweeteners, and these are the most prolific.

No one is testing the interactions of these chemicals inside the human body; not the corporations making them, not the government agencies regulating them, not the doctors or the hospitals, and not the people selling them. So, who is managing our health and safety as we consume over 14,000 chemicals on a regular basis?

People don't know what to believe about the safety of the artificial sweeteners. The only aspartame safety tests that people know about are the ones done by the manufacturers. Corporate science says aspartame is harmless and defaults to FDA approval as its primary defense. But the FDA does not perform its own safety tests; it leaves the research to the integrity of the corporations applying for approval. The FDA actually denied aspartame's approval twice before it finally made its way into the public food supply. FDA records show that aspartame is the most contested food additive in our nation's history.

People are finally understanding that NutraSweet/Equal® (aspartame) can be harmful to human health. Researchers proved aspartame's brain toxicity as early as the 1960s, but the corporations deny any connection between aspartame and headaches, cancer, epidemic obesity, mental illness, childhood disorders, and other degenerative disease. They are pushing against the consumers by telling them that they are wrong for blaming the artificial sweeteners for their health problems that arise with the use of diet sweeteners and then disappear when artificial sweeteners are stopped. But over time, the millions of people who have experienced harmful side effects from the diet sweeteners will quit buying them, and maybe then healthy changes will be made. The research proving artificial sweetener dangers is becoming more widely known, and the findings are astounding.

We tend to forget that sweetness is actually a by-product of food, real food that is. It's nature's way of encouraging us to consume nutritious foods and have some pleasure while we do it. Natural sugars are a source of fuel - our bodies need some sugar to boost our engines - unprocessed and natural sugar. Nature provides just the right amount of sugar in foods, arranged around healthy enzymes, fiber, and essential nutrients pre-packaged by Mother Nature herself. This secures the healthy survival of all plants and animals. Man-made sweetness, revved-up sweetness, and artificial sweetness are traps that addict people to sweeter tastes, minus the nutrition. This creates irresponsible, gluttonous, unhealthy food addictions.

Artificial sweeteners are rarely used in healthy foods; natural foods loaded in vitamins and minerals, enzymes, fiber, and protein don't contain these chemical additives. You don't need the diet sweeteners so just don't use them. Diabetes was around decades before man created aspartame, and there are plenty of healthy ways people with diabetes can live long and healthy lives without using the artificial sweeteners.

Who do you believe? As an educated consumer, you DO have a choice. You can protect yourself from avoidable illnesses by simply being aware of the artificial chemicals stuffed inside that little colored sweetener packet.

Maybe you can drink that next glass of tea with just a lemon. At least you can drink it safely.

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