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Aspartame and Anxiety in Children

Q: This question is actually for my daughter who is now 13. Since I have always used products with aspartame and Splenda, my children have grown up using them as well. My daughter began experiencing psychiatric symptoms when she first started school. We sought the help of a psychiatrist when she was in 2nd grade when she began showing OCD symptoms and severe anxieties. She took Zoloft for over 6 years, which seemed to help some, but not 100%. By age 11, she had stopped growing/developing and was diagnosed anorexic a year later.

At the advice of a friend, we went to a chiropractor who also treats his patients with vitamins and other natural supplements. She came off the Zoloft and started taking vitamins and other supplements because he indicated that she had a damaged thyroid and a "plugged" pineal gland. She did okay at first, but things got progressively worse. She started suffering from panic attacks and missed 2-3 days of school every week. She didn't sleep and didn't want to eat, and her anxiety levels were higher than ever. We were both frustrated and desperate.

She begged to go back on the Zoloft, but I knew that wasn't the answer, and I didn't want her to take it. One day while talking to the chiropractor about what to try next, he mentioned something about drinking pop. I said she always drinks diet pop. He said she shouldn't have it - "she has thyroid problems and it is bad for her."

After that I started doing my own research on the web and discovered your website and purchased your book right away. After reading it, I was absolutely convinced this was my daughter's problem. We immediately eliminated all food and beverages with Splenda and NutraSweet from her diet (and the house) and her psychiatric symptoms have completely disappeared.

The panic attacks stopped immediately (and she was having them almost daily). Her anxieties are now at a much lower level and do not inhibit her daily life. I suspect they will also disappear as she has now started growing/developing again. She has also been sleeping soundly every night, and has an increased appetite - with no anorexic behaviors.

I cannot thank you enough for getting this information out there and I have told every one I know; including the doctors that have treated my daughter for the anorexia and anxieties.

The only challenges we have now are finding foods that DON'T contain the poison!

I would like to file an official complaint with the FDA but am not sure how to accomplish it. Can you help?

A: Thank you for your email. You have saved your daughter's life! Aspartame is a known toxin, as you are discovering, but those who own the media manipulate the truth, and they are the ones who own these patents and the drugs that result in the side effects these toxins cause. It's a vicious circle of political greed for profit. Strong words, but it's reality. This issue is spinning out of control, and now that so many have been hurt by the diet sweeteners, something may finally be done about it.

We have to help one another in a grassroots movement for now, so continue to do what you can to enlighten others.

I suggest writing President Obama - this may get through the channels with some positive action, as all our attempts to inform the past administrations have failed. My letters were simply sent to the FDA; I even personally delivered my book, Sweet Poison: How The World's Most Popular Artificial Sweetener Is Killing Us - My Story to senior President Bush and wife, Barbara. Sweet Poison probably went into their trash. I never heard back from them.

You can call the FDA or look up their website and inquire about how to register a complaint. Sadly, it will go unnoticed, but you can still document your contact. For now, start locally because this is how we will keep the movement going. Go to the consumers; speak at your child's school, at your church, at your book club and library. This will save lives.

The best in health.

Crystal Lite® and Soft Contact Lens Solution

Q: I started using aspartame via Crystal Lite. I had never heard of it before and typically, I only drink fresh juices. I wanted something a little sweeter than water one day, and a friend turned me on to it. I have been drinking it for about 2 months now. I started noticing something different going on with my body; we know our bodies better than anyone. My eyes started aching, I wear contacts, and they became gooey and blurry. I haven't had natural tears in almost 2 months, since I started the Crystal Lite. My throat has been aching, I feel so tired, and I have no energy. I feel dizzy and just, all around, blah.

My focus is just not there, anymore, and I have been coughing a lot - a dry cough with phlegm. Not to mention that I have been retaining water, and I am super duper thirsty all the time.

Oh, and I also notice that my body feels hot, hotter than normal, and I've been sweating a lot. Now I thought it might be allergies but I've never had allergies in my life, and I'm 38. This made me remember how awful I felt when I used to eat Ramen Noodles, when I was younger. Back then, I talked to people about how I felt sick a lot, and they said it's probably the MSG. Sure enough I stopped eating Top Ramen, and never had the problem again.

I went online and typed in aspartame and couldn't believe everything that popped up. Now, I stopped drinking Crystal Lite 2 days ago, and I have noticed, so far, that I am not as thirsty with a constant dry mouth, and I am feeling a little more like I used to feel.

Thank you for helping me see the dangers of this awful substance. I will warn everyone that I know.

Best Regards.

A: Thank you for sharing your experience. It is sad, isn't it, that the truth about the dangers of aspartame is being kept away from consumers - proven dangers that the FDA and the corporations have known about since the 1960s.

But you figured this out, and you will now no longer have these health problems. Use saline solution in your eyes to restore the hydration. Pretend you have been swimming in the ocean, and soak your eyes with this healing salt water. It will restore your tears. You can also use the bottled saline solution for soft contacts (even if you do not wear soft contacts, it is perfectly safe to use) or bath your eyes in a warm water flush of 1-teaspoon sea salt to 1-cup warm water.

For now, all any of us can do is spread the word about aspartame to help one another, because it is more than obvious that both our government and the corporations who have made these products, are aware of the dangers of aspartame. With full intent, they have chosen to keep away from the public, the dangerous side of aspartame, and they purposefully lead consumers to believe that aspartame is safe. THIS IS CRIMINAL.

One day, this truth will be exposed; I hope after 20 years of deception that the time draws near.

The best in health.

MS From Too Much Aspartame

Q: Aspartame Consumption: over 10 years;

Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: Yes;

Diet Products Used: I drink approx six Diet Mtn Dews a day, and have ever since I can remember. The bad thing is that I don't drink anything else except for one cup of coffee in the AM.

Comments: I am 32 yrs old. A neurologist told me approximately two months ago that I had MS. I then went to see a neurologist that specializes in MS. He told me that I have 12-15 lesions on my brain, but that I did not have MS. He told me that there are a lot of things that cause lesions, like smoking, trauma, etc. However, I have read several articles about aspartame, and I am not so sure that this is not what it is. I get dizzy, nauseated, headaches, extreme fatigue, memory issues, etc.

A: When Dr. John Olney from Washington School of Medicine experimented on aspartame in the 1960s, his lab rats developed lesions on their brains from the chemical. His research was published, of course, and his findings taken to the FDA. All that resulted was that the NutraSweet Company (Monsanto Chemical Company, aka GD Searle Pharma) simply paid their own researchers to go into their corporate labs to redo and redo and redo their aspartame research experiments until they had enough rats selected that did not develop lesions. They then presented these results to the FDA, claiming they tested aspartame's safety more than "any other chemical has been tested", and they did not get results of any lesions.

There you have it!

Lesions on any animal's brain are not normal, and something man-made has created this. Let me restate - man-made chemicals cause this because this is just NOW showing up in humans after 20 years of aspartame being introduced into our food supply. Aspartame has been proven to cause brain lesions. If you used the product, and you develop lesions - aspartame either is the sole cause, or one of the causes. BUT IT IS INVOLVED IN YOUR SITUATION, and you have the right to make this statement!

The corps that make this sweet poison are afraid of lawsuits after people find this information out, as they very well should be concerned!

You may or may not be able to restore this damage, but you certainly can prevent any more lesions from forming, and you can stop the ones you have developed from getting worse, simply by removing all aspartame from your diet and getting on a good detox program and nutritional supplement program.

Distilled Water

Q: Hi there. I would just like your opinion on the effects of drinking distilled water on the human body. There are many stories posted on the web these days on both sides of this issue. I was just wondering what your views are?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

A: Good question and one I get now and again. I believe in drinking natural spring water because it has dissolved organic minerals in it, such as natural lithium, sodium, and even organic metals, like aluminum, that we are not getting from most modern foods grown in depleted soils. The body needs these.

Distilled water is stripped of all these minerals, so it is not a source of any vitamin or minerals. For this reason, I suggest using it in your coffee or teapot, cooking with it, and those types of uses. But for drinking, I recommend searching for a quality spring water company and drinking from glass bottles, if possible. I have glass bottles in 5-gallon and smaller drinking bottles from my spring water company, and I wash the smaller bottles and reuse them to save some money.

The best in health,
Janet Hull

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