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Q: Over a year ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and have been taking medication for the treatment of MS (Betaferon injections.) However, I have been doing some research on aspartame and am starting to wonder if I have been misdiagnosed. I used to consume aspartame in large doses through sugar-free lollies, drinks, and so on.

A: You definitely could have been misdiagnosed, as many people have. Whenever aspartame is used and then a "diagnosis" of MS (or any other disease for that matter) appears, remove all aspartame and notice if within 4-6 weeks the health symptoms "disappear." Health symptoms and disease syndromes vanish for so many people who stop using aspartame, and at the amazement of many doctors who cannot explain why their "disease" is gone. (Or why the disease appeared in the first place!) Typically, docs give credit to your meds for suppressing your symptoms, but they also warn that "the symptoms" will come back," or they'll tell you that the disease is in "submission", but "it WILL come back." Sound familiar?

In my case of diagnosed Grave's disease, it went away within 6-weeks of stopping all aspartame, and the "disease" never came back - it's been almost 20 years now. Hum, think my doc was wrong??? Maybe yours is wrong, too. Let's hope so!

Q: I have just been diagnosed with MS; it just came out of the blue. Does aspartame CAUSE MS or does it mimic the symptoms, hence causing a misdiagnosis?

A: Aspartame toxicity can mimic MS symptoms, and the docs know little more than to plug you and your "symptoms" into the textbooks and, hence, you are labeled with MS. One major hint here - if your "disease" comes out of the blue, question aspartame as a root cause!

Too few medical doctors ask you if you are using aspartame, but if you ARE using aspartame and have received a MS diagnosis, stop all aspartame use and see if your symptoms subside and eventually disappear within a matter of weeks. Also make sure to detox the poisons from diet sweeteners out of your body, and restore the depleted nutrients a chemical diet leaches from you. This will accelerate your healing.

Q: I no longer consume aspartame because I have just been diagnosed with MS. If I have another MRI, would it show that I no longer have the lesions if it is aspartame mimicking the MS symptoms?

A: Some physical damage may have already occurred inside your brain and on the myelin sheath, but that doesn't mean that once the aspartame is removed, any physical deterioration will continue. So, you can check your status with another MRI, or move forward with the faith that you have found the cause of this "diagnosis", removed that cause, and stopped any future damage to your brain. Then, repair any damage already done as best as you can by using a whole foods diet and quality vitamin program - forever! Have faith that your body will know how to repair itself when provided the correct tools, and then go forward with your life without the medical drama.

Many people have done this exact thing - we see it all too often. Yet, whensomeone heals from a diagnosis of MS, it is the most inspiring event to witness, and one that we hear about more often now that the connection between aspartame and MS is becoming more well known. Every day!

Q: I have just been diagnosed with MS, and after reading about the effects of aspartame and MS, I wondered if there is any research proving this connection that I can give to my doctor. He doesn't believe aspartame has any connection with my diagnosis.

A: Why, WHY, WHHHHY would any medical doctor - a supposed healer - NOT want to remain open-minded to anything and EVERYTHING that might, just MIGHT, help their patient, especially when that human being has just been diagnosed with a disease that can destroy their life???? If I can offer any help to someone trying to help themselves in a situation like MS, I'll do all I can and I stay as open to their questions and hopes and support them all the way. Geeze - what is happening to compassion within the medical field these days??? I see true healing only in the ER and in Hospice Units. Everywhere else, it's more like "take a number, please," or "who are you again???"

Yes this issue is real, and just because your doctor isn't paying attention nor is he/she keeping up with the times, their medical stupidity doesn't indicate that this issue doesn't exist.

Please go to the newsletter archives in www.janethull.com and click on Main Topics and locate the Feb 2006 issue that has 3 articles about aspartame research studies. I provide the original research in PDF format for you to download, and you can take these studies to your doctor and show him that the results are valid and that aspartame is a carcinogen and nerve toxin. He probably won't have the time to read it, because he really may not care. This is when you shop for a new doc. Find a person who cares about your recovery, no matter what that requires of you. If you get well by turning around 3 times while touching your nose 10 times- well then, your getting well is all that should matter! Anything it takes....

Good luck!

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