The Benefits of Vitamin Supplements

A vitamin supplement, if natural and compounded with pure ingredients, is a form of food for the body, and assists in normal body function. When something foreign (typically, a toxin) has stressed the body's natural systematic flow, it requires specific nutrients, vitamin supplements, nutritional aids - whatever you want to label them - to do some serious housecleaning and repair.

When toxins are present, I like to do the hair mineral test to not only know exactly what toxins are accumulating in the body, but also which specific essential elements (typically vitamins and minerals) the toxins have drawn from the body. These nutrients can be restored through food, of course, but are most commonly replaced through a quality vitamin supplement. When toxins are metabolized (activated) during detoxification, many times health symptoms will magnify at the location the toxins were accumulating. This depletes your nutrients.

Pure and natural vitamin supplements are merely food to the body. They do not typically cause "side-effects." Compare man-made margarine with pure butter, for example. After decades of margarine being pushed on modern consumers as being healthier than butter, humans are now realizing that the side-effects from trans fatty acids and hydrogenized fats and oils (found in margarine) are more damaging to the body than pure and natural butter.

A healthy body will reject the plastic injected into margarines, along with the other "fake" nutrients that make margarine margarine. The human body is not created to process a multitude of fake-food ingredients in the same fashion it processes natural vitamins, minerals, fats and oils found in real foods (in this case, butter).

And don't forget, your body will use stored nutrients to help remove any unnatural food chemicals, like chemicals sweeteners. So, your body not only has a nasty chemical to digest and excrete, but it also has a unnatural draw on its many nutrients (such as manganese, lithium, and strontium) that are supposed to be available for normal body functions, from repairing a cut to maintaining normal blood pressure and a healthy heart rate.

Vitamin supplements are a way to restore the nutrients you may not be getting through your daily diet. If you are digesting properly and your body pH is balanced, vitamin supplements are typically absorbed and assimilated just like healthy foods are. This is the purpose of a true vitamin.

Vitamins may not work the same for everyone, though, and if your vitamins aren't giving you the positive results you expect, then by all means switch brands or re-evaluate the specific supplements you are taking. How do you know what vitamins you need to be taking and which vitamins you don't need to be taking?

Well, this is one of the benefits of a hair analysis. The lab I use, tests for 23 essential nutrients, such as calcium, sodium, iron and copper. This is one way to discover what nutrients are out of balance.

Another way to address your vitamin needs is to take a high-quality multi-vitamin, a trace mineral complex, and a quality vitamin C from ascorbic acid on a consistent basis. The multi-vitamin and minerals give you some assurance that your body has the proper "grazing ground" for restoring any nutrients you may be depleted in.

A pure vitamin supplement need only be taken three to five times a week. Your body can uptake a higher percentage of vitamins and minerals if your digestive track is healthy and your body pH is balanced.

Please note the words "PURE and natural vitamin supplements." There is a distinct difference between quality natural supplements (and the best are hand-ground) and many of the mass marketed supplements that can contain artificial fillers, food colorings, artificial sweeteners, and other non-nutritional ingredients, such as aspartame, sucralose, titanium and metals used as preservatives.

I strongly suggest supplementing a multi-vitamin with a trace mineral complex because many of the trace minerals are typically left out of traditional "multi" vitamins. Read your labels carefully and look for trace elements such as germanium, lithium and rubidium to know the trace mineral complex you choose really has the "trace" minerals you need. The trace minerals in the Trace Mineral Complex from our own lab contains 72 trace minerals from fossilized plant shale. Trace Complex Plus As a geologist, I can tell you this is an awesome source of the natural minerals and nutrients all animals benefit from.

I also recommend keeping quality vitamin C in the daily diet because human beings do not create vitamin C in their livers as most other animals do. Vitamin C, best known for its excellent anti-oxidant properties, is a very important vitamin to consume daily through foods or natural vitamin supplements. I have written extensively about vitamin C and human health in my Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet book, including the research and case histories where vitamin C depletion resulted in numerous health symptoms, such as allergies, constipation, acne and skin diseases.

Vitamins are a good way to secure that your body is receiving a full-spectrum of vitamins and minerals required daily to maintain health and wellness. Eating your vitamins through foods is, of course, the most natural way to support health and prevent disease; but in many modern lifestyles, and with more and more harmful chemicals added to our foods, it is always good to have pure and natural vitamin and mineral supplements on the pantry shelf to keep the body healthy and strong.

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