Misinformation About Aspartame

A few days ago, a newsletter reader contacted my offices about a counterfeit email circulating over the Internet posturing to be an article from our website SweetPoison. The e-mail's subject was: "FYI - SWEET POISON....an eye opener", and it had our website as the reference source at the bottom of the article.

Well, this article was NOT written or emailed by me, and it included many false statements. At this time, I want to clarify some of its inaccuracies, and alert our readers that the proper authorities are investigating this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact our offices when something like this is sent to you using our website addresses; we will investigate immediately. Thanks to all the readers who contacted us about this.

The email opened with a story about my sister having MS caused by aspartame. Well, I do have a sister, but she is a beautiful, healthy diabetic who never had MS. She used aspartame a few months before her diagnosis of diabetes, and promptly removed all aspartame once she realized its health dangers. She exclusively uses saccharin in her morning coffee, and uses no other chemical sugar substitutes. She is THE healthiest person with diabetes you'll ever know, and please feel free to email my offices with questions about aspartame and diabetes. My sis will get back with you with some healthy recommendations for "living with diabetes." People with diabetes CAN have a healthy and happy life without aspartame or sucralose.

The email also stated that you can take a pill to get rid of aspartame poisoning. This is a totally false statement. I have spent over 10 years perfecting my Detoxification Program to remove aspartame, sucralose, and other food chemicals from the body, as well as removing heavy metals and microorganisms. Removing foreign chemicals from the body is a spiritual, emotional and physical challenge, and one that takes discipline, patience, and a positive attitude. As with most pharmaceuticals, I personally do not believe a "pill" can rid the body of chemicals and the disease syndromes they cause. A healthy vitamin and nutrient program, minus food chemicals and toxic medications, is the lifestyle change and personal commitment necessary to heal from toxic chemicals.

Please go to SweetPoison and SplendaExposed for the information we have published on aspartame and sucralose. I wrote in my book Splenda Is It Safe Or Not?: "as an educated consumer, you have a choice. You can protect yourself from avoidable illnesses by simply being aware of the sweet deception surrounding you."

The solution to the dangers of artificial sweeteners is within YOU. Battling the politicians, the marketers, and the corporations creating these chemical foods is not the way to win this sweetener war. Winning comes when consumers make a stand and stop buying these products.

Please visit my main site and my detox site for my information about how to restore your health from chemical sweetener poisoning.

All the best in health,

Janet Hull

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