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In response to the recent European ruling discrediting the validity of the Italian Cancer Study and the ongoing controversy, I have included my feedback about both sides of the issue. In order to give you all the facts, I have provided links to an article discussing the European Union's (EU) decision as well as a link to the Ramazzini Foundation's response to the EU.

The best in health,

Dr. Janet Hull


After you have stopped gawking at the large flashing banner advertising Splenda® on the upper right side of the article addressing the EU's decision that aspartame is safe for consumption, maybe you can focus on the political jargon craftily written to disengage your concerns about the 2005 Italian study (See original report) proving aspartame causes cancer.

When reading the EU's decision that aspartame is safe for consumption, please ask yourself these questions:

-- Is the issue of aspartame safety a political issue? YES!
-- Is this EU decision based on your children's health safety? NO!
-- Are the corporate aspartame studies from 30 years ago being used to discredit the newest cancer studies performed outside the United States by independent researchers - independent from American corporate pressures and corporate funding? YES!
-- Do YOU want your children using aspartame? I HOPE NOT!

Consumers are in trouble if they listen to the safety claims generated by the corporations making trillions of dollars off artificial sweeteners. Industrialized societies are foregoing natural nutritional practices for corporate nutrition, which leads to a dependency on pharmaceutical medicine. The corporations creating these products are pushing them onto consumers, lobbying for support within the governments, and donating millions of dollars to the organizations originally put into place to protect consumer health.

We are being lead down the wrong health path, and if we don't wake up and pay attention to the fact that commerce is dominating good science, we will find ourselves in heath chaos. It's time to put real science back into personal nutrition.

Dr. Hull's feedback to the Ramazzini Foundation's response to the EU:

If you have ever been in a college science lab or professional laboratory, you know the lab results you see are REAL. Professional scientists of the caliber of Dr. Soffritti and his research team at The European Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences "B. Ramazzini" in Bologna, Italy don't take their aspartame research lightly, and they don't make careless mistakes. The study they performed on aspartame is one of the finest and well-respected laboratory studies proving the known dangers of aspartame.

What we are witnessing as a result of the 2005 Italian study is a corporate panic to disengage public awareness of the truth. The marketers and manufacturers of aspartame are rallying in an effort to discredit the independent study's damaging results, and they are lobbying to resurrect their worn-out, pay-rolled corporate studies from 30 years ago to justify their claims of safety and resulting monopoly on the diet food industry.

The issue concerning the proven dangers of aspartame has become nothing but a "he said - she said" yelling match pitting corporate profits against good science. Discrediting exceptional science as shown in the Ramazzini aspartame study is an injustice to mankind and to the heath of our future.

Aspartame safety is most definitely a political issue, securing mega-profits for a chosen corporate few at the expense of human health. To each individual who signs their name to legislation ignoring the Soffritti study, and to the lawmakers who publicly defend aspartame as a safe food chemical, may you be personally held responsible for the human suffering caused by your misleading words.

Please take a moment to read the Ramazzini Foundation's response to the EU's decision that aspartame is safe for consumption. EUROPEAN RAMAZZINI FNDN. STANDS BEHIND ASPARTAME STUDY RESULTS

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