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Aspartame Question from Germany

Q: Hola Janet Hull. I have seen a document by Marie-Monique Robin about aspartame. She has mentioned your organization, and that you collect evidence about aspartame. I would like to ask if you can support information on this topic for me, and if I can also set up an information base in Germany. Generally speaking, it's a brand new topic for me, and to setup an information base. So, I am thankful for any advice and support you can grant me.

Furthermore, I would ask how are things in the US. It's all such a lie, and I wonder why the law and politics don't do anything against aspartame. I already have spoken to my lawyer, and he just gave me the advice to mobilize the public. That would be the best way. So I am trying to do so.

I appreciate getting your answer, and best regards from Germany.

A: It's very good that you are taking this issue public in Germany. This is the only way we can inform people, it appears. If it were not for the Internet, the politics behind this greed would have kept this information from the public much more than now.

This issue is ALL political and driven by the BIG MONEY that makes and sells aspartame, and the other toxic drugs invented to mask the health symptoms aspartame causes - like migraines, dementia, MS, and ED.

Big companies make billions off people by addicting children to the diet sweeteners early in life, then addicting them to the drugs used to control the physical and emotional side effects caused by diet chemicals. It is all for money.

The research is out there; the case histories will start streaming in as soon as you set up a site for people to see. Good luck on this, and expect some nasty emails and resistance from the people paid to comb the web for sites like yours. The only way to keep making money off people is to keep the truth away from the people. People, like you, are figuring this out for themselves, once they see the truth.

One day, this issue will blow wide open, and I hope all the greedy humans behind this travesty will be duly punished by our social system and by their spiritual Higher Power.

Avoiding Inoculations

Q: Thank you so much for your time. One question, how do you face the inoculation issue with doctors and school districts requiring them? I appreciate your reply.

A: You take these routes to avoid inoculations:

1. You find a DO, a naturopath, or homeopath who will work with you and write a note to the schools stating that these inoculations adversely affect the health of the patient, or child;
2. You seriously use the religious opt out;
3. You wait for as long as possible before you put these toxins into your child - never in infancy or at birth; good gads, THIS is mere common sense and shame on the docs for this one;
4. If you inoculate, you insist the doc divide the dose into 3 shots; this provides a more homeopathic way for the body to assimilate these vaccines; if your doc refuses to honor you and your child, shop for another doc until you find one who will work with you; remind the doc that you have documented your child's health status, and if the vaccine adversely affects that child in any way, you will sue the pants off him or her; that should force the doc to work with you for the benefit of your child. Why in the heck would he/she NOT be willing to do this for you, period?????

Earth Expansion Theory

Q: Has your information on the Gulf Coast expansion theory been taken off the Internet...? It's as if the government doesn't want people to know about it. I've known about it for years. That's why I moved to New Mexico.

A: The last I heard, google asked to put it up because it was getting so many views. Go to this link: http://beforeitsnews.com/story/936/268/Possible_Volcanic_Activity_in_Gulf_of_Mexico_Earth_Expansion_in_Gulf_Of_Mexico:_Video.html

Yes, the Earth is definitely expanding, and the Gulf of Mexico is expanding. I eluded to the fact that the BP explosion happened because what used to be considered a "normal" drill depth is now at magma level. I would expect more oil spills due to this, also. As a matter of fact, Monday, April 9. 2012, another 1 mile by 10 mile spill was spotted by the coast guard in the Gulf not too far from the BP spill.

Is Truvia Safe?

Q:What is your scientific opinion of Truvia, the new artificial sweetener that contains part of the stevia plant? What side effects can one expect, and is it safe?

A: My scientific opinion? Why use a diluted, mass produced form of an all natural sweetener when you can simply purchase the purest forms of stevia from vitamin companies and whole food markets that sell stevia in a purer form? Go to NuNaturals or this link for NOW stevia:

I recommend using stevia, and any natural supplement, in the least adulterated forms available. I avoid the products that are owned by Big Corps, like pharmaceutical corps that are typically owned by chemical companies, such as Monsanto.

The least number of human hands touching a product is the product I buy. The one with the least ingredients is the product I buy. Why buy a stevia product that isn't just one ingredient - stevia?

The best in health,

- Janet Hull

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