About Caffeinated Coffee

Researchers have found that those who drink four to six cups of coffee per day, as opposed to only two or fewer cups, decrease the risk of Type 2 diabetes by almost 30 percent.

Coffee can improve cognitive function.

Caffeine can dehydrate your body, so drink plenty of water when drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

The conventional coffee plant is one of the most heavily sprayed crops. Organic coffee varieties are typically free from assorted chemicals.

Try cinnamon in your coffee instead of cream or sugar.

Swedish researchers found that two cups of coffee a day reduced people's liver cancer risk by 43 percent.

Coffee can be an irritant for people with sensitive nerves and stomachs.

A study at the University of Georgia showed that women who drank two cups of caffeinated coffee had 48 percent less leg pain within an hour after having their leg muscles stimulated.

Research in the Journal of Nutrition shows that young women who drank four or more cups of coffee a day had 40 percent less breast cancer risk than non-drinkers.

Studies show that about five milligrams of calcium are lost per every six ounces of coffee consumed. This calcium loss can be counter balanced by adding two tablespoons of milk to your coffee or eating a cup of yogurt for every cup of coffee.

The coffee bean contains more than 1000 naturally occurring phytochemicals known to help prevent disease.

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