April 2012 Issue


April's Healthy Newsletter focuses on aspartame and coffee. As always, aspartame remains an unresolved issue, and a critical topic that affects the health of millions of people. And that Cup of Joe? Well, it may not be as bad as people make it out to be. On April 18th, I... Continue Reading

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Aspartame Approval History

From Sweet Poison by Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN. It's been thirty years since aspartame first came on the market as NutraSweet/Equal®. Researchers warned us as early as the 1960s that this artificial sugar substitute was harmful to human health, but their warnings never reached the consumer. Today, the scientific... Continue Reading

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Aspartame Case History

Age: 40; Gender: Female; Aspartame Consumption: 23 years; Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: Yes; Diet Products Used: Diet Coke, Sweet-N-Low, Splenda, Equal; Do you use Equal: Yes; Do your children use aspartame: Yes; Are you aware of products not labeled sugar-free: Yes; May we include your case history on... Continue Reading

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Documentary Review - FoodMatters. I watched a wonderful documentary on Netflix called "FoodMatters." See if you can find it and watch it! Newsletter readers can watch it on Netflix from their instant queue or they can buy it to view online for $4.95 from this link Food Matters. Enjoy! Food... Continue Reading

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Q & A with Dr. Hull

Aspartame Question from Germany Q: Hola Janet Hull. I have seen a document by Marie-Monique Robin about aspartame. She has mentioned your organization, and that you collect evidence about aspartame. I would like to ask if you can support information on this topic for me, and if I can also... Continue Reading

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About Caffeinated Coffee

Researchers have found that those who drink four to six cups of coffee per day, as opposed to only two or fewer cups, decrease the risk of Type 2 diabetes by almost 30 percent. Coffee can improve cognitive function. Caffeine can dehydrate your body, so drink plenty of water... Continue Reading

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Chili-Rubbed Flounder in Salsa

April's Healthy Recipe is from The Hullistic Network. Just say "chilli and salsa" to a Texan, and we're interested, especially when used with flounder. Here's our Chili-Rubbed Flounder in Salsa. Chili-Rubbed Flounder in Salsa Ingredients: 10 flounder fillets; 1/4 cup olive oil; 1/8-cup chilli powder; Salt and pepper to taste;... Continue Reading

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Is Coffee Good for You?

Coffee is a pleasant morning ritual too painful to part with for many people. But is coffee good for your health or not? Similar to alcohol, the studies seem to seesaw back and forth. This month's Feature Article addresses the "good side" of that Cup of Joe. This feature article... Continue Reading

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