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Detoxing from Radiation Q: I live in California, and I am afraid of radiation poisoning from the Japanese nuclear fallout. Should I do the hair analysis before detoxing, or detox first?

A: It is always good to do the hair analysis first so you know what you are detoxing. It's best not to guess with something this serious, and you want to determine if you are still exposed to the toxins of concern. But in this case, I would detox ASAP and remain on the detox program for as long as you believe that you are exposed. I do suggest, however, that you do a before and after hair analysis to see what your toxic load is now, before exposure to radiation. Then you can do a follow-up hair analysis in 6-8 months to tell if any radiation has, indeed, accumulated inside of your body at health threatening levels. Again, when it comes to toxic exposure - never guess. Always know precisely what is inside of your body.

Understanding the Hair Analysis Results Q: Hi, I am interested in ordering your hair element test, but before I do, I wanted to ask about the sample test you have on your website. I am not sure that I understand how to read it, and in particular, the bar graphs to the right and how they connect to the measurements on the left. For example, I see calcium at 3050 and the reference range at 300-1200. In the graph it is about 98%. How does one read the results? It looks as if the two parts don't match.

A: Great question. The graph at the top is for the toxic elements. Ideally, these should all be blank. They start at 50% because nature does provide some organic forms of these elements, so once they begin to accumulate above a 50% marker, they can turn toxic because they accumulate inside your body as opposed to excreting. The perfect level of the essential elements on the second chart is along the center white line. If these levels are too low (to the left), the body is using them up and needs more. If they are too high (to the right), the body cannot digest or process these nutrients due to various health reasons of concern, and these essential elements are being pushed into the hair without being used by the body. Typically, heavy metals are the cause of this, but inefficient digestion or pH imbalances can push nutrients out of the body before they are metabolized.

The best in health, - Janet Hull

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