Changing Your Body Oil

Most people have an automobile, and they know that the oil must be changed every 5,000 miles or so. Dust, dirt, and pollution get into the oil circulating throughout the engine and make it thick and dirty. This, in turn, can clog the filters used to purify the engine. If the filters aren't changed regularly, the engine becomes polluted and sluggish, and eventually it stops running.

Well, this happens inside of your body, too. Your bloodstream is like the oil in your car, and your lymph nodes are like oil filters. Maybe this is a crude comparison (no pun intended), but it helps you understand that your bloodstream, and the glands provided to filter impurities from your blood, operate in much the same manner as the oil in your car.

The winter months can be an extreme challenge to your immune system if you are not getting daily vitamin D from the sunshine, or if you are not eating right, or exercising regularly. If your immune system is weak, your body may be subject to fatigue and illness, such as head colds and flu. Then you might not easily ward off infections. If you do not keep your body oil (blood) clean and pure, as Spring arrives, your immune system may be compromised in helping you avoid allergies from blooming plants and trees.

The thymus gland, the spleen and other body organs produce immune system cells. These cells are then carried throughout the body via the lymph vessels to the lymph nodes, which store these immune system cells to help create an effective barrier against infection. Immune cells can be damaged by free radicals, which are unstable, polluted oxygen molecules in the body. Free radicals can be generated in dangerously high numbers by poor nutrition, X rays, alcohol, aspartame and other chemical sweeteners, cigarette smoke, and pollutants. Vitamins help strengthen the immune system by neutralizing these cell-damaging particles. Exercise also helps maintain good health by promoting blood circulation and ensuring a plentiful supply of clean oxygen throughout the body.

Remember that pollutants can saturate your bloodstream and clog the lymph glands, like dirty oil in your car clogs the filters if not changed regularly. Every 5,000 miles or so, detox your blood and keep your body clean.

Here are three simple suggestions to keep your lymph system and bloodstream cleansed of toxins:

1. Clean your blood using a detox program and do a liver cleanse at least twice a year;
2. Stop ingesting ALL food chemicals (pollutants) and prevent them from going inside your body;
3. Make sure you exercise regularly. Try to sweat when you workout because this opens your pores and helps release toxins from the lymph nodes, particularly under the arm.

Every evening between 9 - 11PM, your body automatically eliminates unnecessary/toxic chemicals (detoxification) in the antibody system (lymph nodes). This time should be spent relaxing, such as reading or listening to music. If you are still in an un-relaxed state between 9-11 PM, such as washing the dishes or finishing other chores, chasing after children to get them ready for bed, or possibly dancing at a nightclub drinking a glass of red wine, this can have a negative impact on your health. So, stay active during the day to keep your lymph system running like a clean engine, but sit down and put your feet up in the late evening, and detox your blood system at least twice every year!

Pampering yourself is critical when it comes to health and wellness. If you aren't sure what toxins may have accumulated over the past winter months, and if allergies are kicking up in the springtime air, consider having a yearly hair analysis done to determine what vitamins are right for you.

It's springtime, so it's time to detox your body and...get the oil changed in your car.

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