Splenda Product List

The list of over 6,000 products containing Splenda® is over fifty pages long, and the list grows longer every day. I briefly list the major food categories of American products with Splenda below, but have included the complete file of both American and Canadian Splenda products in my book Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? Some of these products are not labeled sugar-free, and some products also contain aspartame, acesulfame K, and other sweetener blends. My best advice is to read ALL the labels on EVERYTHING you buy to better benefit your health and the health of your children.

The list includes a variety of foods and food products, pharmaceuticals and children's medications, vitamin supplements, protein powders, protein bars and weight loss products, liquid and powdered drinks, popcorn, gums and mints, toothpaste, and water products.

I. Carbonated Beverages

Dr. Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.
  - Diet Rite®
  - Diet RC® Cola

Urban Juice and Soda Co.
  - Jones Juice
  - Slim JonesTM Diet Soda

Jones Soda Co.
  - Jones Naturals

Roadside Beverage L.L.C.
  - Root 66 Diet Root Beer®

Clearly Canadian Beverages (U.S.) Corp.
  - Diet Clearly Canadian®

Briar's USA, Inc.
  - Briar's Diet

Stewart's Beverages, Inc.
  - S Diet

Kroger Company (Private Label)
  - Light Juice Cocktail
  - Crystal Clear Sugar Free Sparkling Water

7-Eleven Inc. (Private Label)
  - Classic Selection Sugar Free Sparkling Water

Family Dollar (Private Label)
  - Diet Cola

Adirondack Beverages

  - Waist Watcher Diet Carbonated Soft Drinks

White Rock Products Corporation

  - White Rock®

Napa Valley Beverage Company

  - Napa Valley Sparkling Beverages

Star Beverage Co.
  - Diet Reach for the Star

Boylan Bottling Company

  - Boylan's Diet

Upstate Beverages, Inc.
  - Upstate Diet Cola (fountain)

Monarch Beverage, Inc.
  - Monarch Diet Cola (fountain)

D'Best Dispensers

  - D'Best Diet Cola (fountain)

Rivella (USA) Inc.
  - Diet Rivella

A-Treat Bottling Co.
  - Diet A-Treat

National Beverage Co.
  - Cascadia Sparkling Water with Juice
  - Crystal Bay Sparkling Water
  - Diet Shasta

Dollar General

  - Clover Valley Soft Drink

Caroline Beverage Company

  - Cheerwine Diet


  - Labatt Light Source

II. Gelatins, Puddings, and Fillings

Knouse Foods, Inc.
  - Lucky Leaf® Lite "No Sugar Added"
  - Musselman'sÒ "Lite" Applesauce

ConAgra Grocery Products Company

  - Jolly Rancher Sugar Free Gel Snacks

III. Still Beverages

Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
  - Ocean Spray® Light Juice Drinks
  - Ocean Spray® Lightstyle Juice Drinks

Nestlé USA

  - Nestlé Nescafé Frothé Coffee Drink
  - Nestlé Coffee-mate®

Snapple Beverage Corporation

  - Diet Snapple Iced Tea
  - Mistic Zero Calorie Diet Drink
  - Mistic Juice and Tea Beverages

J.M. Smucker Company

  - Smucker's Diet Beverage

Arizona Beverage Company

  - Arizona WaterAid
  - Arizona Diet Lemon Iced Tea
  - Arizona Diet Raspberry Iced Tea
  - Arizona Diet Peach Iced Tea
  - Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey
  - Blue Luna CaféTM
  - Arizona Iced Coffee

American Quality Beverages

  - Z'Lektra Sport
  - AquaSport


  - Propel Fitness Water

Veryfine Products, Inc.
  - Veryfine® Fruit2OTM
  - VeryfineÒ Fruit2O
  - VeryfineÒ Fruit2O Plus
  - Veryfineâ Fruit2O Ice

Kraft Foods, Inc.
  - Crystal Light Ready-To-Drink

Talking Rain® Beverage Co., Inc.
  - Diet Ice BotanicalsTM

Swiss Natural Foods, Inc.
  - Swiss Natural

ChampionLyte, Inc.
  - ChampionLyte Sugar Free Sports Drink

Aloe Splash, Inc.
  - Aloe Splash

South Beach Beverages (SoBe)
  - SoBe LeanTM Sugar Free

Nantucket Allserve, Inc.
  - Squeezed NectarsTM

Daily's Juice Products division of American Beverage Corp.
  - Diet Guzzler
  - Daily's®
  - Little Hug (Assorted Flavors)
  - Teeni (Assorted Flavors)
  - Fruit Stand (Assorted Flavors)
  - Hummy (Assorted Flavors)

Hansen's Natural Corporation

§  Hansen's Smoothie
  - Diet Hasen's
  - Hansen's Diet Energy Fuel
  - Hansen's Energy Water

Low Carb Living, Inc.
  - BaJa Bob's

Campbell Soup Supply Co.
  - Diet V8 Splash®

Vermont Pure

  - Vermont Pure EssenceTM Spring Water

Clearly Canadian Beverage Company

  - Reebok Fitness Water

Langer Juice Company, Inc.
  - Langer's Diet Juice

Calypso Ice Beverages

  - Calypso Ice


  - Natural Spring Water

Damon Industries

  - Fruitful Diet Juice

Cott Beverages

  - A&P Master Choice Sparkling Water

Jel Sert

  - Mondo Fruit Squeezers

American Beverage Corporation

  - Juice Xplosion Fruit Drink


  - Las Fuentes Aguas Frescas Light

IV. Sauces, Toppings, and Syrups
Aurora Foods, Inc.
  - Log Cabin® Sugar Free Low Calorie Syrup

Hain Food Group

  - Estee Smart Treats Sugar Free Syrup
  - Estee Sugar Free Wafers

R. Torre & Company

  - Torani Coffee Flavoring Syrups

DaVinci Gourmet®, Ltd.
  - DaVinci Gourmet Sugar Free Syrups
  - DaVinci Gourmet Sugar Free Spiced Chai
  - DaVinci Gourmet Sugar Free Lemon Tea

Hammer Corporation

  - Armands Flavored Syrups
  - Spray Candy

Maple Grove Farms

  - Cozy Cottage Sugar Free Syrup
  - Vermont Sugar Free Syrup

Walden Farms, Inc.
  - Walden Farms Calorie Free Salad Dressings

Nature's Flavors.com, Inc.
  - Nature's Flavors Syrups

Sorbee International Ltd.
  - Sorbee® Zero Sugar Syrup

Oscar Skollberg's Technique, subsidiary of Stearns and Lehman

  - Oscar's Light Syrup and Oscar's Sugar Free Syrups

Silos Inn

  - Ernie's Silo Inn "Low Sugar" BBQ Sauce

Carriage House Company

  - Wal*Mart Great Value Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup

V. Processed Fruits

Dole Packaged Foods Company

  - Dole Fruit-N-Gel Bowls
  - Dole Reduced Sugar Fruit N' Gel Bowls

E.D. Smith

  - DeLightful Fruit Spreads

Del Monte Foods

  - Del Monte Fruit & Gel To-Go Lite

B&G Foods

  - Polaner Sugar Free Fruit Spreads

VI. Chewing Gum
Warner-Lambert Co.
  - Trident for KidsTM Sugarless Gum Berry Bubble Gum

Church & Dwight

  - Arm & Hammer Dental Care for Kids Bubble Gum
  - Arm & Hammer Advance Breath Care Gum

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company

  - Orbit Chewing Gum
  - Juicy Fruit Gum
  - Bubble Jug
  - Eclipse Flash Strips

Hershey Foods Corporation

  - Ice Breakers Chewing Gum
  - Ice Breakers Unleashed Chewing Gum


  - Thermogenic Diet Gum
  - Ripped Fuel Gum

Oak Leaf Confections, Canada

  - Jolt Gum - Caffeine Energy gum


  - Dentyne Fire Chewing Gum


  - Altoids Strips

VII. Powdered Beverage Mixes

ConAgra Grocery Products Company

  - Swiss Miss® "No Sugar Added" Hot Cocoa Mix
  - Swiss Miss® "Fat Free" Hot Cocoa Mix
  - Swiss Miss® Fat Free Marshmallow Lovers Hot Cocoa Mix
  - Swiss Miss® Fat Free French Vanilla Hot Cocoa Mix
  - Swiss Miss® Diet Hot Cocoa Mix

4C Foods

  - 4C Light Iced Tea Mix


  - Nescafe Iced Java

VIII. Nutritional Products

Worldwide Sport Nutrition

  - Pure ProteinTM Meal Replacement bar
  - Pure ProteinTM Shake

Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.
  - Atkins Advantage BarTM
  - Atkins Breakfast Bar
  - Atkins Endulge Bar
  - Atkins Shake Mix
  - Atkins Ready-to-Drink Shakes
  - Atkins Syrups
  - Atkins Muffin Mix

Nature's Best

  - VHT Totally Ripped Dietary Supplement
  - VHT Extreme Smoothie
  - Perfect Zero Carb IsopureTM Protein Mix
  - Perfect Low Carb IsopureTM
  - Perfect Zero Carb Isopure Drink
  - Nature's Best Isopure Sport (various flavors)
  - Nature's Best Lemon Aide

Met-Rx® USA Inc., Anabolic Drive Series

  - After FX Meal Supplement
  - Protein Plus High Protein Food Bar
  - After FX Protein Food Bar (various flavors)
  - Glycemet
  - Met-Rx White Packet

  - Pro FusionTM

Unico Holdings, Inc.
  - Naturalyte Oral Electrolyte Solution

PTS Labs

  - Revital Squeezers® Oral Electrolyte Solution

Bionutritional Research Group

  - ProtoWhey Protein Drink Mix

Bioplex Nutrition

  - Simply Whites
  - Whey Plex 100% Whey Protein

California Engineered Foods

  - California Protein

Chemi-Source, Inc

  - Metabolic Response Modifiers CreActiv


  - Bomber Blend Protein Powder

Life Services Supplements

  - Keto

Maximum Human Performance

  - TRAC® Powder Supplement

Optim Nutrition

  - Optimum Muscle Defense

TKE, Inc.
  - TKE


  - Extra Protein Bars
  - Just Whey Protein Powder
  - Promax Protein Powder

Experimental Applied Sciences, Inc.
  - EAS Ribforce HP Effervescent Creative
  - EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control Ready-to-Drink Shake
  - EAS Myoplex Ready-to-Drink Shake
§  StrawberryEAS Myoplex Carb Sense Ready-to-Drink Shake
  - EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control Bars
  - EAS Myoplex Low Carb Bars
  - EAS Beta Blast - 2 varieties - with and without ephedra
  - EAS Results for Women Ready-to-Drink with Fewer Carbs
  - EAS Results for Women Carbonated Energy Drink (8.4oz)
  - EAS Results for Women Bars with Fewer Carbs
  - EAS AdvE HP Energy
  - EAS Cytovol
  - EAS Precision Protein
  - EAS Results for Women Thermogenic Drinks
  - EAS Myoplex Powder
  - EAS Myoplex Deluxe Powder

Nutrition for Life

  - Slender Age
  - M2 Power-Play

Rexall Sundown

  - TruSoy Protein Shakes
  - TruSoy Bars
  - Carb Solutions Bars
  - Carb Solutions Ready-to-Drink
  - Osteo Bi-Flex Fruit Chews
  - Sundown Pokemon Vitamins
  - Sundown Soy Protein Shake Powder
  - Protein Revolution Low Carb Bars
  - Protein Revolution Shake Mix

Ross Products

  - Pedialyte Oral Electrolyte Solution
  - Pedialyte Pops
  - Met-Rx Total Nutrition Powder

Twin Lab

  - Fuel Plex
  - Fuel Plex Lite
  - Metabolift High Protein, Low Carb Meal Replacement
§  Ripped Fuel Thermogenic Gum
  - Energy Fuel
  - XE RTD
  - XA RTD

Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition

  - Low Carb Lean Body Protein Shake Mix
  - Lean Body Bars (variety of flavors)
  - Lean Body for Her Bars (variety of flavors)


  - Ultimate Lo Carb Shake
  - Ultimate Lo Carb Smoothie
  - American Body Building

Cytodyne Technologies, Inc.
  - Methoxy - Pro Protein Drink Mix
  - Cytoplex Meal Replacement

Pinnacle Products

  - Bodyonics Androstat - 100 Poppers

Pacific Health Labs

  - Satietrol Appetite Control Beverage

Great Earth Great Body

  - MyoTechRx Protein Shake
  - Whey Excess
  - Creatine Explode


  - Lean Mass Pro35 Protein Drink
  - Metabolic Thyrolean Soy Protein Drink
  - Lean Mass Meal Replacement
  - Cory Everson's Solutions Soy Protein Shake

Beverly International Nutrition

  - Ultra Size (Protein Drink)
  - Muscle Provider Drink Mix
  - Port-A-Meal Muscle Provider

Advocare International

  - Heart Source Bar
  - POS H Rehydration Powder
  - Advocare® Turbo Shake
  - Advocare® Spark
  - Advocare® Sugar Free Spark

Fitness Labs Nutrition

  - Fitness Labs Whey Protein 80
  - Fitness Labs Whey Protein 90

Nutra Force, Inc.
  - Nutra Force Vitamin & Mineral Water

CytoSport, Inc.
  - Cytomaxä Exercise and Recovery Drink
  - Cytosport Muscle Milk

Wellness Lifestyles Inc.
  - American Longevity Nature's Whey

Omnitrition, Inc.
  - Pro Builder Protein Powder

Scientific Solution

  - Sugar Free EZ Memory
  - Sugar Free EZ Energy

Weight Perfect, Inc

  - Weight PerfectÒ High Soy

Amway Corporate

  - Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea Spray
  - Trim Advantage Meal Replacement Drink Mix
  - Trim Advantage Protein Bar

Nutrition Technologies Inc.
  - Glutapro Glutamine Enhanced Whey Protein

Wellness International

  - Pro-xtreme Protein Drink Mix

American Longevity

  - Nature's Wheyä

Amerifit, Inc.
  - Sugar Free Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  - Sugar Free Sooth Herbs

Amerifit Nutrition, In c.
  - Vitaballä Vitamin Gumball

Biosport Inc.
  - Biosport


  - Mega Creatine
  - Mega MRP
  - Scan Diet Bars
  - Distance Drink
  - Mega Whey
  - Natural Brand Soy Protein

Optimum Nutrition

  - Opti-Soy Soy Protein
  - Complete Protein Diet Shake Mix
  - Complete Protein Diet Bars
  - ProComplex Protein Shake Mix

Muscletech Research and Development

  - Muscletech Nitro-Tech Ready-To-Drink Nutrition
  - Muscletech Nitro-Tech Ready to Drink Shake
  - Mesotech Nutrition Bar

Next Proteins International

  - Designer Whey Protein Powder
  - Designer Whey GlycerLean
  - Designer Whey Protein Blast Punch
  - Designer Whey Protein Bars

Advanced Metabolic, Inc.
  - Pentabasol Supplement Powder

Max Muscle, Inc.
  - Max Muscle® Protein Powder

Morinda Inc.
  - Tahitian Noni Tahiti Trimä Complete Shake

Pure De-Lite Inc.
  - Pure De-Lite High Protein Low Carb Cookie

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

  - Pulse Women's Health Formula

Ketogenics, Inc.
  - Ketogenicsä Sugar Free Chocolate Crisp

Physician's Laboratories

  - Revival Soy Protein Drink Mixes
  - Revival Soy Low-Carb Protein Bars

Arizona Beverage Corporation

  - Arizona RTD Rx Total Trim


  - NuVim RTD Be Healthy & Energetic Beverage

IX. Baked Goods
Heavenly Cheesecakes, Inc.
  - Heavenly Cheesecakes

Wilson's Foods, Inc.
  - Wilson's Fantastic Mini Wafers

Nabisco Biscuit Company, Division of Nabisco, Inc.
  - SnackWell's Sugar Free Sandwich Cookies

Sorbee International Ltd.
  - Sorbee® Sugar Free Cookies

Perestroika Products

  - Red Square

X. Specialty Products
Smokey Mountain Chew, Inc.
  - Smokey Mountain Snuff (non-tobacco)

ConAgra Foods Retail Products Company

  - Act II Popcorn
  - Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn

Jel Sert Company

  - Fla-Vor-Ice Lite
  - Sugar Free Pop-Ice

General Mills

  - Pop Secret Popcorn

Ramsey Popcorn Company, Inc.
  - Cousin Willie's Kettle Corn Microwave Popcorn

Weaver Popcorn

  - Pop Weaver Microwave Kettle Corn

American Popcorn Company

  - Jolly Time KettleMania
  - Jolly Time Healthy Pop Kettlecorn

Cannon Unlimited Inc.
  - Cannon's Sweet Chile

Blistex, Inc.
  - Herbal Answer Lip Protection

Church & Dwight Company, Inc.
  - Arm & Hammer Advance White Sensitive Formula Toothpaste
  - Arm & Hammer Advance Breath Care Mints

Kraft Foods, Inc.
  - Altoid Strips
  - Crystal Light Slurpees
  - It's Pasta Anytime Three Cheese Rotini

Life Services Supplements

  - Keto

Atkins Nutionals

  - Weetabix Atkins Flakes

Jamieson Laboratories

  - Pro Medis

XI. Dairy Products
Well's Dairy Inc.
  - Blue Bunny Lite 85 yogurt
  - Blue Bunny No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Ice Cream
  - Blue Bunny No Sugar Added Fat Free Ice Cream
  - Blue Bunny Frozen Novelties
  - Blue Bunny Lite Chocolate Fat Free Milk

Velvet Ice Cream Company

  - Velvet "No Sugar Added" Ice Cream

Whitey's Ice Cream

  - Whitey's No Sugar Added Ice Cream (Various flavors)

Good Humor - Breyers Ice Cream

  - BreyersTM No Sugar Added Fruit Bars

Mister Cookie Face, Inc.
  - Mister Cookie Face No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich
  - Mister Cookie Face No Sugar Added Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

Pierre's French Ice Cream Company

  - Pierre's® SlenderTM No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Free Ice Cream

H.P. Hood Inc.
  - Hood Fat Free Egg Nog

Anderson Erickson

  - YoLite Nonfat Yogurt

Southwest Foods, division of Brookshire Grocery Company

  - Goldenbrook® Farms LeCarb Frozen Dessert

Pecan Deluxe Candy Company

  - Various flavors & varieties of No Sugar Added inclusions & ribbons for ice cream


  - No Sugar Added Ice Cream

Bravo Foods International

  - Slim Slammers No Sugar Added Milk


  - Dannon Light 'n Fit Smoothie

Ultima Foods

  - Yoplait Source Yogurt

Cool Brands

  - Weight Watchers Smart Ones "No Sugar Added" Ice Cream

XII. Confectionery Products
Goelitz Confectionery Co.
  - Sugar Free Tummy Bears
  - Sugar Free Jelly Belly (Jellybeans)

Sorbee® International Ltd.
  - Sorbee Lites Hard Candy

Shuster Marketing Corporation

  - Blitz Power Mints

Simply Lite Foods Corp.
  - Wafer Bars

Pavalor Advanced Technologies

  - Extreme Candy Spray

Hillside Candy Company

  - Go Lightly Hard Candy (Assorted Flavors)

Wal-Mart, Inc (Private Label)
  - Sugar Free Hard Candy (Assorted Flavors)

Estee, Inc.
  - Hard Candy (Assorted Flavors)

BestSweet Inc.
  - Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Smooth and Creamy Hard Candy

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company

  - Thin Ice Strips


  - Lifesavers Minis

Hershey Foods

  - Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate Candy
  - Reese's Sugar Free Chocolate Candy

XIII. Over The Counter/Rx

Whitehall Robbins

  - Robitussin Flu

NewAys International Oral Care

  - Toothpastes

Jamieson Laboratories

  - Jamieson Chewable C
  - Zinc Lozenges
  - Mega Kids Chewable Solotron Arthur with Iron

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