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Xylitol ....is it safe?

Q: Xylitol ....is it safe? I did not see it listed on your site. No reply needed, but please post at some point.

A: Go to the www.healthynewsletter.com site and check the archives for articles I have written on xylitol and the other sugar alcohols. I also have a chapter on the alternative sweeteners in my book Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? I call xylitol and the other sugar alcohols "grey area sweeteners" because they are non-toxic, but too much can cause stomach cramping, bloating and some IBS.

The issue isn't the sugar alcohols themselves, but how humans manufacturer them and then adds them to too many products. People can get too much of them in one dose or in one day; this is an unnatural consumption problem we have in the USA.

Why doesn't aspartame harm me?

Q: I used to drink tons of diet soda, and know many people who still drink WAY more than I ever used to. Well, I've never had a problem with aspartame side effects, and was wondering if maybe I don't have the genetics for the illnesses/"problems" caused by aspartame. I will tell my mom about phenylalanine being harmful for diabetics, since she's a diabetic.

A: Just like in the case of smoking, not everyone gets cancer, but that doesn't mean the cigarettes aren't harmful. So, count your blessings, but recognize that the truth about the dangers of these chemical sweeteners have been manipulated, and recognize that the public is not being given the truth about the proven dangers of the chemical sweeteners, and then recognize that this is another chemical product sold for profit over the health of the masses.

Within the masses are children and adults alike who DO have negative and harmful reactions to these chemicals. Not everyone will suffer, but for those that do suffer, they deserve to know the facts so they can make their own decisions whether aspartame and the other diet chemicals are healthy for them or not.

At least now you know the facts if you ever do react in the future, and maybe you will be a saving grace for your mom. Instead of guessing at why illnesses do occur, and instead of spending your hard-earned money for medical tests if symptoms arise one day, it will be simpler and cheaper to stop the chemicals and see if this quickly and easily fixes any health problems.

Now isn't that a nice thought?

Happy to Find You

Q: I am extremely happy to have found you. I'm a 19-year-old boy and recently I began to attempt a healthier lifestyle. Little did I know a while back that the toxins in so-called "healthy choices" could actually do worse things to your body. I began drinking tea sweetened with Splenda and eating lots of fruits (pesticide treated). Guidance really helps when trying to figure out what's really good for you or bad for you.

A: YOU ROCK. Our only hope to turn the wrongs in our society into rights is within the younger generation like YOU who are "figuring this out" and ACTING UPON IT! Money and the desire for the power and control that money can bring is not creating a society with much future. Greed is a form of emotional cancer that will turn on itself and destroy its host - and that host is a free, healthy and happy society. Now, you must influence those around you to accept the challenges of refusing to buy into the "tools" society has created to simply, SIMPLY, control people.

It is refreshing to know that our youth are so very, very wise!!! You freakin' ROCK!

The Best In Health,
Janet Hull

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