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MS Misdiagnosed?

Q: Over a year ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and have been taking medication for the treatment of MS (Betaferon injections.) However I have been doing some research on aspartame and am starting to wonder if I have been misdiagnosed. I used to consume aspartame in large doses through sugar-free gum and candy, soft drinks, and so on.

A: It is possible that you have been misdiagnosed, as so many people have been. I was! Whenever aspartame is used and then a "diagnosis" of disease suddenly appears, definitely remove the aspartame and see if your health symptoms just don't "disappear" over time. Yes, even a diagnosis of MS.

Now, don't misunderstand me - you have some work to do; you should detox, get on a good supplement and dietary program, exercise regularly, even if walking the dog around the block every night, get more rest at night, relax, use positive motivation techniques, and drink mostly water throughout the day.

My Grave's Disease disappeared, and I was told Grave's was incurable. I didn't have Grave's Disease, as you may NOT have MS - I HAD ASPARTAME POISONING. I work with many people diagnosed with Grave's and MS, and many times these diseases disappear for them, too, once aspartame is removed.

This will be the telltale, and the key is to believe it!

Alzheimer's and Dementia

Q: My mother has been diagnosed with the first stages of Alzheimer's. What I am confused about is: would aspartame CAUSE the memory deterioration or cause her to mimic the symptoms hence, cause a misdiagnosis? She drank aspartame and now Splenda for the past 25 years.

A: Yes, aspartame penetrates into the brain, and this can cause many diseases that are merely mimicking the "traditional" symptoms, and unfortunately, the docs know nothing more than to plug these symptoms into a textbook diagnosis.

Doctors typically do not ask if you are using aspartame because they know little to nothing about it. And this is not an indication that aspartame is harmless; it is the reality that our medical system today is nothing more than a pharmaceutical registry (the exception is the ER where REAL medicine is still awesome) - doctors are not taught about the dangers of food chemicals (it takes too much time and effort to keep up with all of them), and Big Pharma makes billions off the drugs they make to counter the effects of the diet sweeteners that they make. Why should they encourage doctors to get people off what causes them to make mega-profits?

Sad, but look at your mom; she will invest her savings to buy the drugs they will have her taking, and she'll be taking them with a diet soda! And, aspartame is now in more and more medicines.

Lesions On The Brain

Q: I no longer consume aspartame because a few months ago I had an MRI that found lesions on my brain. If I have another MRI, would it show I no longer have the lesions if it is aspartame that caused them?

A: At least you are aware of Dr. John Olney's incredible research from the 1970s that showed aspartame caused lesions on the brains of his research animals given aspartame. Now you probably KNOW more about this than your doctor. Damage may have already occurred within the brain tissues, but that doesn't mean that once the aspartame is removed, this will continue. Something caused those lesions, and since aspartame has been proven to cause brain lesions, I think that you have identified the cause.

So, you can check your status with another MRI, and if this problem doesn't worsen, then you can confirm that you, indeed, identified the cause and removed it so more damage cannot occur.

Then move forward with the faith that you have found the cause of this "diagnosis", that you have removed that cause, and have now stopped any future damage to your brain. Also have the faith that your body will know how to repair itself the best that it can, and go forward with your life without the medical drama.

Many people have done this exact thing - we see it all too often.

The Best In Health!

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